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Subliminal messages on the PBS Kids show "Arthur"

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Nice observations, Taren. I completely agree with you. It's very clever and subtle, the way good children's work is supposed to be. I don't think it's a stretch at all, and when you read the lyrics, and you just think of America/Britian, it's falls perfectly overtop.
The crazy Bus A' FREEDOM!
Man I hate that word.  I am so tired of proganda. It really is a crazy bus full of infants yelling about "GOOD GUYS!" and "BAD GUYS!" and "TERROR!" and "FREEDOM!"
In the world, America is ranked 27th for civil and human rights liberties. Too bad it isn't an actual democracy, Bush could be voted out.

I was channel surfing one morning, and on Arthur... they were doing a spoof on the stock market.  Instead of cash, they were using socks or something like that.

Then there was this frog with a huge cigar and a stovetop hat (your stereotypical capitalist in many cartoons) and he was trying to get the Arthur's sister to trade in her dog to pay off her debts.  It was crazy.

Yeah, that show has lots of hidden messages.  but name a cartoon  show that DOESN'T.  nobody can, because there are many hidden socio-political refrences/messages in children's cartoons.

Quote (Xiongmao Simba @ June 28 2005, 11:24 pm)Reminds me of how ppl though the characters in The Magic Round-about were all on drugs! Also said that about Mr. Benn.
Wait.. They werent? Well now I'm even more worried.

And actually this gave me a good laugh. Its not a very serious analysis and flaws could be found in it if someone wanted to, but why would they want to? Its just a bit of fun after all.

Besides, it could be true. The American Government does actually brainwash its children through TV far more than tou might realise, as one relativly new to your fair country I have to say that some of the stuff on Nickelodeon or even some of the little advert slides thats are shown before movies at most cinemas still scare the crap outta me. O_o

Thanks for the laugh man, and remember folks - it isnt paranoid when they really are out to get you.


Yea... i  can see what you are saying about that song but more than likely its coincidence. As for me, if I want to jam to anti government and anti corprate tunes, i just play 'Animals' from Pink Floyd. Every song is pitted to the coruption of the corrupt corprate world.

Pigs on the wing(representing false tratys of respect, teamwork and companionship between corprate employers and employees alike which then leads up to the mood of 'dogs' Dogs(representing backstabbers in the corprate world. then depicting a life wasted from backstabbing and crawling up the corpreate ladder, only to fall with not one person to care about you when you are gone)
Pigs(representing Corprate bosses and those in charge, who greedily grab up money and step on others to achive thier spots on the corprate ladder) Sheep(the lower end. The ones used ans tools by higher-ups. The laborors or lower corprate end) pigs on the wing pt. 2 (the innocence and realization. this song helps equal out the anti- vibes of the album.

Well this is my favorite album in the world, so excuse me for the long post. But my friend Emily did an essay about homosexuality in childrens cartoons and one of her topics was the Arthur offshoot, 'Postcards for Buster' not sure where she went with it from there. i didn't get a chance to read her final copy. But anyway...i belive there are some subliminal messages hidden in cartoons. And quite possibly, the crazy bus song was attended for messageing, but its still to vauge of a song to deside for sure.

i totally get what you are saying, i mean, it makes sense and all, but it was all accidental.....  my aunt has a book on the dude who wrote arthur  and its all based on his childhood (i could go into oober great details on each individual characters, but ill spare you)
but creepy nonetheless-
i've never actually looked that close at arthur, never had the time-
seriously, thats wicked awesome how you thought all that up, though, so more power to ya, man!!!!!



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