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IMPORTANT NOTE: The below rules are no longer in effect. Please read the new Furtopian main rules which are located here:

The forum is a bulletin board that was built with the aim of bringing the furry community a bit closer together in a safe, protected location free from external antagonism. The following consists of a few things that we would like the users here to keep in mind as they post in these forums.

9/28/2011 - Major rules update coming in Fall 2011. Read here:

Staff Note: For an up to date listing of amendments, additions, deletions, etc. in future days/weeks/months, then please also review this thread here:,39275.0.html


1. Be respectful of the staff and your fellow members at all times. Insulting or bashing other users will quite possibly get you a warning mark or a ban.

2. The theme of this board is "furry". It is very important to maintain this theme, as simple as it is. This includes, but is not limited to politics, artists, community projects, culture, literature, costuming, fandom, lifestyle, and spirituality.

3. Topics that are never allowed are sex with or between minors (human or anthro), hatred/slander against individuals or a group of people, and illegal activities or the encouragement thereof.

4. This is a family rated board. This means that the following things are off limits: advocating the use of drugs or alcohol, sex, graphic violence, and swearing (anything harsher than damn and hell). Please don't try to bend the rules by using creative spelling (fsck), acronyms (WTF), censoring, insinuation, or other tricks. Talk smarter, not harder.

5. No spamming. If you are here to engage in a race to see who can get the most posts in as short a time span as possible, you are wasting valuable server resources that can be better used on people who are here for valid, constructive reasons.

6. Role-Playing Minor Role-playing is permitted provided it does not disrupt or distract from the original topic.  Large RPs may be moved to a more suitable area if needed at the Staff's discretion.

7. No blind personal rants or pointless angst. Please keep angry tirades about your personal life problems where they belong: a Livejournal or Myspace account. If you have a genuine problem that you'd like input on, please phrase it in terms of a question that invites the intelligent participation of others on the board, and post it in 'Life Problems & Help'.

8. a. The images in signatures can be no bigger than 450 pixels wide by 150 pixels high in total and must also not be more than 100 KB.  This size limit is for all images combined, not just for individual images. This is done for the sake of modem users' bandwidth since they have enough to download as it is with the board pages and related graphics. Additionally, it becomes very ungainly to see a large picture repeated several times down the page that contains any given thread.

Note: Some signature services (such as generate images that are too big.  If you use a generated signature, please make sure it is within limits.

   b. Use of avatars can be furry art that you drew yourself or someone created an avatar for you, animals, or a personal pic of yourself.  Use of anything else requires permission from a mod. Avatar sizes can be no bigger than 100 pixels high x 100 pixels wide, and must also be no more than 50 KB. A guide to using an Avatar can be found here

9. a. Images in posts. While there is generally no rule to how large pictures can be in a post, Very large pictures are automatically scaled down to 700 x 700 pixels by the forum's settings.
Out of common courtesy, please consider making them even smaller (400 to 600 pixels and/or 500 kb file size or less) to help speed up downloads for those members who have slower connections. If you have more than five images to show at once, please post them as links instead.

    b. Copyrighted art/material must not be posted on Furtopia without consent or public release of the copyright owner.

Art Theft: Furtopia was created as a safe place for furry artists to share their own creative work. Art theft will not be tolerated on Furtopia in any form. This includes, but is not limited to: sketches, digital drawings, literature, avatars, signature pics, etc. Any of the following may qualify as art theft:

- Tracing another artist's work without giving credit to the original artist
- Using parts of another artist's work in your own art without permission
- Plagiarizing all or part of a story or poem
- Trying to claim another artist's work as your own

Suspected cases of art theft wil be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Any member who is shown to have violated Furtopia's art theft policy will receive a warning from the staff, and their art and/or posts will be removed if proper credit is not given. Further offenses will result in a permanent ban and/or other disciplinary measures.

   c. - Use of Furtopian logos, name, etc.  Individuals who wish to use either in part, or in whole, the Furtopian name, logo, or any other OFFICIAL Furtopian artwork/images located on the website/forums for items including, but not limited to the following: convention badges, signs, banners, tshirts, etc., must contact a Moderator or Admin and get permission first. You must state what graphics you wish to use, How they will be used, and where they are going to be used. The staff will then review an individual's request and will contact that individual in a timely manner with a response. Any unauthorised use of the Furtopia name, logo, etc. may result in disciplinary measures as determined by staff.

10. Individuals are not allowed to explicitly advertise or recruit on Furtopia forums and live chat for other forums, communities, or projects.

11. In regards to SA and/or any other troll/hate site, it should be said that discussing trolls only invites them. So the topic of Something Awful and/or other troll/hate sites is banned on these forums.

12. Statements of dramatic leave will result in the closure of your account. If a member claims intent to leave permanently, or  if such exit is done in a dramatic or political way, their account will be closed. The account holder can request that it be reopened by the Furtopia staff.

13.Every member is allowed only ONE account on these forums. To create more when banned/kicked, etc. or without permission, can result in immediate banning.
* If you are a returning member from a long absence and have forgotten your old account/password, etc., then please contact an Admin and we will help you with your account details.
* If you are a member who wishes to have their account/fursona name changed, then please contact one of the Admins and we will help change your name for you. Please DO NOT create a second account simply to use a new name.
* If more than one person is in your household/office/etc. and sharing your computer, and would like to join Furtopia, then please PM a staffmember first so their account will not be mistaken as a 2nd account made by the primary (main) account holder. Failure to PM a staffmember may result in banning of the new account and a reprimand of the other member in the household.
* Sharing of individual accounts is strictly prohibited. Please maintain the security of your account/password and not share it with others. The user is responsible for any use of their account by unauthorised persons, whether authorised or not, and if it is found in any way that an account is being shared between multiple users, it may be closed and subsequently banned from use.
* For further information about accounts, Please read this thread here:,40799.0.html
14. If you think you have a good reason to break the rules, discuss it with the staff first.

15. Gravedigging Old Topics: When posting to a topic, please be sure to check the date of the topic's creation, as well as the date of the very last post in that thread, as many topics have been dead for months and/or years.
If it has been 6 months or longer since the last post was written in a thread, then please start a new thread on the subject you wish to discuss and then also contact the Mods/Staff by PM so we can close the older outdated topic. Older topics (Depending on date & subject) should probably not be posted in for the following example reasons:
1. Original poster (or other members from that thread) may be gone and not active on forums anymore to read their own thread/posts and offer advice, or they have already gotten all the info. and advice they were asking for.
2. Information/advice may be outdated, links broken, pics are gone, etc.

Some exceptions to this rule may be, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Various pinned Important Topics in forums that members may still post to.
2. Various Word or RPG game topics in the gaming forums.
3. Members who post a "on-going" issue such as a family problem in the Life Problems forum for example, or maybe discussing a fursuit building issue in the Fursuit forum, where they may post a topic now, then come back 3 months later with an update, then maybe come back later again 2 months later, etc.

If any members are unsure if an older topic can be posted again in, then please contact any Mods/Staff and we'll help you out. Thanks.

16. Banned Subjects - It's very rare that a subject will need to be banned on the forums. However, the following items are currently banned.
a) The subject of hypnosis is banned on Furtopia. Anyone who wishes for further clarification regarding this ban is welcome to PM a mod or admin for details.
b) No posting in black colored text on the forums. Please use the [spoiler] tag instead which is described here:,39242.0.html

Items that are not necessarily banned, but are highly moderated are: Leet Speak, and Posting in foreign languages. If a member posts in leet speak or a foreign language, they MUST provide a translation.

Note that there are sections and forums on this board where certain restrictions have been lifted:

- Not-so-furry discussion
- Furry arts discussion
- General role-playing and gaming
- The adult section
- Artist discussions

The exceptions for these forums and sections are listed separately further down.  You can also find them as pinned topics within those forums.

In the case of abuse

If a user has any complaints regarding another user's behavior on this bulletin board, they should contact a staff member about the problem immediately, via either IM or PM. All matters of abuse will be investigated in a timely manner.

Please do not retaliate or otherwise take matters into your own hands.

As a safeguard against any perceptible prejudices, at least three staff members must agree to take action against a user's membership status in any case where such action would be deemed appropriate. The exception to this rule comes in cases where the abuse may harm or otherwise impede the services offered here at the forums.

Member rights

When not stated clearly in the rules, sometimes the mods/staff must make judgment calls on what they feel is in the best interest of the forum membership. If an action is taken against a member, that member has the right as a sole remedy to request a review and vote of said action by the entire staff/mod team. If declined by vote a reason shall be given to the member from the staff/mods. If the appeal is approved the post shall be restored. Public displays and parades are NOT permitted for or during mod/staff action disputes.

All messages sent by a staff/mod person during a dispute with or as a reprimand are considered private communication between the staff and the receiving member.  Posting or discussing the contents of said message from a staff/mod person in public may result in a warning mark.  If you have an issue with a message you've received from a staff/mod person you may bring it up with a different staff/mod person for review. Messages may be sent out via email, Furtopia private message or instant messanger (YIM,AIM,ICQ,MSN)


- WhiteShepherd (sysop)
- Benjamin (board admin)
- Kada-Ru (web)
- Nocte
- Blastdav
- Prince Karo
- Kobuk
- Weisseman
- Arbutus
- Alexandre

- Old Rabbit
- Arc
- Kaloyan Alett
- Kaloth

- Shim
- Landrav
- Hayaikawa
- Aerisyka

Exceptions and guidelines

Section: Not-so-furry discussion

This section is for non-furry discussion only. Rule #2 does not apply here.

Section: Furry arts discussion

Not all the restrictions of rule #4 apply to works of illustration, stories and poetry. The following things are allowed explicitly:

 - Tasteful nudity. Nipples, unaroused genitalia, and mild erotic undertones are allowed. Please indicate in the title if a piece contains nudity.
 - Swearing and violence, if not excessive.
 - Blood. But no gore.

These exceptions do not apply to the discussions, only to the works posted here.


The issue of critiquing has come up several times. It is a sensitive topic since some artists want critiques while others don't. In short: don't critique, unless the artist asked for it.

For the artists

When you post your art, be sure to let them know whether or not you want a critique. Also, don't be in love with your solution, as it is only one possibility/point of view (this goes for you critics, too). Keep in mind that when your peers critique, they are giving solutions that you haven't thought of. And of course, be sure to thank those people who comment and offer their assistance to you.

For the critics

Generally, don't critique someone's work unless they ask for it. Some people prefer that you don't critique. This could be for several reasons. Perhaps the artist feels like the picture is complete, and does not wish for people to suggest further changes to that particular piece, or perhaps the artist is sensitive about their work.

There are also several ways to give out a critique. Keep in mind that many of the artists here are not professional. And many artists who are high end or professional have not learned to effectively communicate with their peers. Poorly done critiques can actually hinder an artist's progress, no matter what skill level they are at.

DO NOT tell an artist that they have a "bad idea", or intimidate them. Do not attack an artist's character or demean their works. All of these things can be destructive for the artist, and can even make you look like an ogre.

When you give a critique, it is best to try to empathize with the artist. Be sure to tell them what they are doing right as well. Please be sure that your critique is constructive and will help the situation. Let the artist make the decision whether or not to take your critique to heart. If they want to make the changes you suggested, they will.

Forum: General role-playing and gaming

This forum is for role-playing and other games only. Rule #6 does not apply here.

A role-playing topic should be registered to a staff member, so we know of its existence. An explanation of what you have planned for the RP, such as its theme, location, and content should be described. Unregistered threads will be locked until the creator has contacted the staff.

The thread's creator is responsible to tell any staff member of a potential problem.

Section: Adult

Rule #4 does not apply to this section.
Rule #2 does not apply to the Adult General Discussions forum.

Section: Artist discussions

An artist's personal forum may have separate rules, set by the owner.  Owners may choose to override rules #2, #4, #6 and/or #7. Be sure to read the pinned topics, so you know what the rules are.

*=Special thanks to Nocte for his help with the writing/formating of these rules.
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