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Baby Squirrels

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Hey furs, I was surprised to discover that the squirrel nest that has been in a tree in my back yard for 2 years now, has 3 new guests running around the branches.  The 3 squirrels are about 4-5 inches long + tail.  They are staying close to the nest, within 2-3 branches below and above.  

Fortunately the tree is about 30 feet from the house and the nest is almost even with the second story windows so we can look right our the window and watch them.

I will post pictures soon.  That is why I put my topic here.

Prince Karo:
Baby squirrels?!
I wanna see em!!
I wanna see em!!

*Oooohs and waits for piccys* 'm sure they'll be good, anything with baby squirrels in is good... apart from if they were bieng hurt or something

beyond the darkness:
They sound so cute!!!

Otto Lontra:
Hey cool. Looking forward to seeing the pics.


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