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ducks & canadian geese


I took these photos on the May 1st at a man made pond for local ducks and geese and any other animals that like water.

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We went back on the 10th and 11th but I didn't bring the camera which I could kick myself for not bringing it!

On the 11th, there was a duck with 19 little chicks following her around on the water!

On the 12th, we saw another duck with 7 new babies and a goose pair with 9 babies and another female goose with 4 older chicks. I hate that I didn't get their pics! I need to remember to take the camera with me for now on when we go places!

Ok, we were back out there today (yesterday) and as WS fed the ducks and geese I took pictures and this time I got photos of the BABIES!

They are bigger now but still youngens!

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beyond the darkness:
Awwwww so cute!!

he he he, one of the pictures is very funny
seems all white "OCA" lined up like waiting for their turn to get food from that person with her daughner or son.

(giggles) Had to go back and take a look at the one you were talking about and I didn't even notice the 'v' formation the white ones had created! Yes, that was her little boy. He was scared and curious about the ducks and geese at the same time. (smiles)


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