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Predator Ridge Exhibit Opening


Leon Sagemane:
Last Tuesday I took a trip down to Denver for the opening of the Denver Zoo's new exhibit. The pictures just came back, and I though I'd share some of the good ones (these are the low-resolution downloadable ones; hopefully I'll get the CDs with the full resolution ones back later this week and I can update these).

Here is one of the two lion brothers, Rian and Rajah, that the zoo got as cubs in 1998 (they're six now):

Right now the two brothers are in the separate part of the lion exhibit that will also be used for females with cubs. The exhibit is designed so that all the animals can be rotated to different sections periodically to give them variety. Here are two females having lunch in the main section of the exhibit. In the background you can see through to the African wild dog exhibit; there's a trench that keeps them seperate, but it's hidden to give the appearance of one huge space:

In that area are the three new females and this one new male:

The exhibit also has separate areas where the animals can be taken to individually for feeding, training, and medical care. Rajah had been training for about a month and already knew a lot of commands. Here he is standing on his hind legs so veterinarians can inspect his paws and belly. He also knew how to do this against the other wall so the vets could see his back, and how to lean up against the mesh so he could be given immunizations:

It was Rian's first day of training, so they just tried to start teaching some easy commands for a few minutes and then gave him a treat for effort There's a whole lot more, and some of the other pictures I took that day in the other parts of the zoo, so I'll just link to the album for the rest so this doesn't take forever to load:


In total, the new exhibit is eight acres and along with the new entrance cost $27.5 million. It contains six lions, three hyenas, ten wild dogs, six mongooses, three porcupines, two dik-diks, and several dozen birds and reptiles. There are also a lot of areas where you can get right next to the glass and be literally just a couple feet away from the animals. If you're going to be in Denver, I would definitely recommend checking it out! The official site has some pictures that give a better overview of the exhibit than what I had if anyone wants to check those out too:


very cool shots!!! We have a zoo about 30 mins north but the best thing about it is the tiger "John" Hes very socialbe and if he hears you Chuff hello him hes very keen to return the hello.

Gidgie Grave:
ooohh lovely pictures! lions are so gorgeous  


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