Author Topic: I can't win in Pokemon, because of Talonflame  (Read 2050 times)

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I can't win in Pokemon, because of Talonflame
« on: November 01, 2015, 09:29:38 am »
I used to play Pokemon Showdown. My team hit about the 1600th rank. And I was really good. Until one Pokemon came in and ruined everything. That's right, Talonflame. He tears my Gliscor to pieces. My Sableye can't burn him. Dragonite can't outrun him, my Infernape gets decimated by him... Any counter suggestions ; w;
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Re: I can't win in Pokemon, because of Talonflame
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2015, 09:28:14 pm »
Yeah, Talonflame can be a bit of a toughie. I checked Smogon for some checks and balances for it, and I found the following that you may want to take into consideration:

Rock-types: Rock-types can very easily wall offensive Talonflame sets, only fearing Will-O-Wisp, Steel Wing, or Natural Gift. Tyranitar is a very good check, particularly the Choice Scarf variant, which can hit bulkier variants of Talonflame before it has the opportunity to burn and even OHKOes through the burn and can Pursuit trap Talonflame, though it is hit hard by U-turn from the Choice Band set. Mega Aerodactyl, Kabutops, Rhyperior, and Tyrantrum are all very good checks, but they also fear Will-O-Wisp. Diancie takes on Talonflame quite easily, although it can be 2HKOed by Brave Bird from the Choice Band set after Stealth Rock damage.

Heatran: Heatran is one of the best counters to Talonflame, as it resists every coverage move Talonflame carries bar Natural Gift. However, it is beaten by Taunt variants unless it runs a Rock-type move and can be overpowered by Swords Dance sets if it has taken prior damage.

Electric-types: Electric-types that either are bulky enough to take a Flare Blitz, such as Rotom-W and Zapdos, or outspeed it, such as Mega Manectric and Choice Scarf Magneton, can check Talonflame quite easily, though Magneton cannot switch into Flare Blitz at all. Raikou, Thundurus, and Magnezone are all able to take on bulkier sets very well, though they are outsped by the offensive sets and hit very hard by Flare Blitz.

Bulky Water-types: Physically defensive Water-types can take Talonflame's hits quite well and retaliate with a super effective Scald. Slowbro and Mega Slowbro are very good counters to Talonflame. Alomomola can stall it out via Toxic, although it is too weak to harm Taunt variants. Suicune is a very solid answer to Talonflame, but it isn't guaranteed to beat the specially defensive variants that carry Taunt because an unboosted Scald cannot 2HKO. Quagsire is also a good answer to non-Taunt variants, though it can be 2HKOed by the Choice Banded set. Gyarados also serves as a decent check thanks to Intimidate, though it has no reliable recovery and needs to run a significant amount of Defense investment in order not to be 2HKOed by the Choice Band variant.

Ground-types: Bulky Ground-types are able to deal with Talonflame quite well, though they are heavily crippled by Will-O-Wisp. Landorus-T is a good check to Talonflame, especially if it runs a defensive set, though the Choice Scarf set is OHKOed by +2 Sharp Beak-boosted Brave Bird after Stealth Rock damage. However, it needs to run a Rock-type move to reliably beat Talonflame. Hippowdon deals with Talonflame very well but also needs to run a Rock-type move so as to not lose to sets that run Taunt. Excadrill also serves as a good check to Talonflame, as under sand or with a Choice Scarf, it outspeeds Talonflame and therefore it does not fear Flare Blitz and can only be hit by a resisted Brave Bird.

Extreme Speed users: Extreme Speed users such as Dragonite, Entei, and Lucario can revenge kill Talonflame, as Extreme Speed's priority is higher than that of Gale Wings.

Chip damage: Talonflame can often be forced to go down via Brave Bird recoil, especially when combined with Stealth Rock damage and additional recoil from Rough Skin, Iron Barbs, or Rocky Helmet users such as Garchomp, Ferrothorn, Skarmory, and Mandibuzz.
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