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Why the need to tell about furry?

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Literate Lycan:
I'm approaching this from a very different perspective.

I'm a widowed parent of two teenagers. I'm the furry--relatively new to the fandom, but in hindsight I've been one for years. My kids are not. One of the kids asked if I was, and I evaded the question. The other, who's an anime fan and cosplayer, probably hasn't even thought about it.

Would I say anything to them? Not at present. They'd  be convinced that Dad's gone completely around the bend.

What about other family? No. They don't live anywhere near me. They have their own interests and hobbies; I have mine.

What if one of my kids becomes involved in furry fandom? I would hope that they'd trust me not to disparage their choice and that I'd be cool with it. Even if I wasn't a furry myself I'd support their interest. I'd be the kind of parent who, as one earlier poster said, goes to a fur con and has as much fun as my kid.

Eventually I may relent and say something to the anime-fan teen. I keep hinting about showing up at an anime con in a cosplay a fursuit. :-)

I didn't even know for the longest time there was a name for furry fans or that there was a community.  I came up with these half cat half human characters when i was little and played them all the time and when i was to old to play I continued to just drawl them and make up stories.  I remember finding out there was a actual community when someone saw my pictures and started teasing me and calling me a furry.  I just looked at him like he was stupid I had no idea what he was talking about.  I went home and looked it up and found out I was apart of something!  It was really exciting to see other peoples versions of what Ive always been into. 

Literate Lycan:
Well, my kids now know Dad's a furry. They seem reasonably OK with it. It was time to say something. After having little social life for the past few years, they were probably wondering why Dad was going out with friends every week or so. They deserved to hear the truth.

I have revealed nothing to any other family member.

I answered this question many years ago. Long story short my family found out about furry fandom through me making fursuit stuff and not cleaning up my mess properly. It wasn't a big deal at all, and never ended up one with my parents. It's so little of a deal the word "furry" never even really came up after that but they knew I had a great appreciation for animal artwork and such. My parents buy me fox figures and other similar things time to time. Some people I absolutely wish I never shared it with though; even if they seemed very open about it and loved it at first. Not everyone will like everything you like or everything about you; and some won't be okay with it, some will try to influence you to change what you like.

I came out of a different closet years later. Honestly there was no comparison to the amount of fear experienced between the two. Furry stuff just doesn't seem like a big deal at all to me still. It's something fun and just like any other science fiction based fandom out there. Above all, being a furry is a choice. So deciding to share something that is a choice and being ridiculed for it is quite different than being ridiculed for something that isn't choice. The openness is similar though. When we open up to people and share parts of our life with them its a motion of trust so it can be extremely painful when you are rejected by those close to you for something. Humans crave other human bonding, and we bond by sharing ourselves with others. We crave making those connections and its difficult not to share things about yourself to those you want to be closer to. We want others to know more about us and in turn hopefully learn more about them too. I'd rather have a few people that really like me for being me than lots of people like me when I'm trying to be what I think they want me to be (that's exhausting).

I'm pretty sleepy right now so that may come off as a lot of rambling but hopefully its somewhat understandable. ><;  Just be you. If furry fandom is something that excites you so much you just can't help but feel like sharing it with others then that is great! If it's not quite that important but you still enjoy it but identify more with other hobbies and things that make you you then that is great too. It doesn't really matter as long as you are being authentic. Also remember that no one is liked by everyone.

Rocket T. Coyote:
More recently, in our local CAP cadet promotion review boards a certain question asked of the candidate has become a standard: "If you could be any animal, which one would you be?" It helps break the ice.

It wasn't my idea either.


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