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Ever eat non human food?

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Ol Rab:
Sometimes when I'm bored I eat some dog food.

Anybody else do stuff like that?

Do you know the ingrediants that makes up pet food? Kinda makes me sick just thinking about it.  :P A lot of that stuff shouldn't be fit for human consumption.

Once my parents were away and my uncle let me eat a dog bone. He says he thought I was joking when I said I wanted to try it.

Kay Alett:
Once when there was no food left in the house and we had no cash for groceries i ate a can of 9 lives "sliced chicken in gravy" it wasn't too bad actually.

LOL! Is this from the IRC?

Well, I'll answer this question the same way the original conversation started.

"I've had a doggy treat before. It didn't taste much like doggy at all >:(."


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