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Showers how often?

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So I know it isn't really socially accepted to smell in public, but I for one am not a huge fan of showers. I try not to smell in public but at the same time depending on the day I might not take a shower. Does anyone else not like showers or not do them that often for lifestyler reasons?

I like them I shower every other day or at least try too.

Once or twice a day.

shower everyday if its an option (only use my house's shower, or hotel rooms.) might shower before bed depending on if i have dirt on me

Always shower every day, at night/evening preferably. But now that it gets so hot, I get so sweaty on my morning runs and I take a second shower in the morning.

This can be pretty rough on my skin though, it gets dehydrated really easily, so I have put on a lot of hydrating lotion after every shower. x_x


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