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Trying to do the same as the thread below, room update


x3 I saw a thread from before about furrying up my room, so i wanted to ask the same thing, I have 1 pic on a clipboard on my wall with a quote, but i want to subtly add furry things without my parents getting mad about it, they believe the stereotype furry..

What about a poster of a puppy or a kitten?
Or starfox, but that might be to oblivious, but on the other hand you could argue and be like "Oh come on! It's a freaking video game character, get over yourself!'. Assuming you can get away with being that blunt.

When Zootopia comes out and if the movie is popular enough for mechandise, you could get a poster of Nick Wilde or Judy Hopps or both! Well, maybe. It could be extremely obvious, but who knows? They might interpret the poster or the movie as a children's thing.

If you're heavily into fantasy books, movies, and video games, it can be somewhat easy. I'd plaster my room with HTTYD and Eragon posters if I could, but I don't have the allspice for it.


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