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What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?

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Moderating such a large forum is not easy but it's worth it. I've seen so many places go to hell because of lack of moderation. I wouldn't want to see that happen to furtopia.

We really aren't that strict, we make sure everyone fallows the rules, the majority of members don't need us to remind them of the rules but some just seem to not listen or care.

To the members:
Sorry if your upset at the mods for any reason, we work hard for you and we treat everyone the same when "working".

As I once said to a few members.
Everyone can't have everything.
If we gave every member what they wanted we'd end of up with nothing.

Excellent post, Peaches.    *gives you a hug*

*drops two cents in the jar*

All I'm going to say is this: The staff here at Furtopia is doing the best possible job they can with the resources and time that they have to them. They can do no more other than that. To ask them to do more would be to seek perfection from them and from Furtopia as a whole. In my book, nothing's perfect and nothing ever will be. The staff is not perfect and neither is Furtopia.  Perfectionism does not exist. Those who seek perfectionism are on a foolish idealistic crusade and you will never get what you seek.

Sporty Fox:
Every Mod and Staffer here does what we do for one reason and one reason only- to bring to you the members the best forum on the internet that we possibly can. Not everyone is or will be happy with our decisions, but they are done with the good of the whole in mind and not to make any one individual (or even ourselves) happy.

Ever wonder why you don't see many posts from the mods/staff except when we PM someone or correct them on the forums?

 I, like most of the mods/staff, spend at least 3 hours or more everyday on Furtopia, yet many days I never get to make a single post. Why? I and the others are spending our time reviewing threads, following up on any reported problems, and reporting anything we see or do so that the rest of the mods/staff can review them. Add to that checking on problems members are having with services and that doesn't leave much time for participation. It's not that we don't want to be more active, it's that we have so much that we are doing behind the scenes that it doesn't leave much time.

We really do log and review each and every incident on the forums, no matter how minor. Every mod/staffer gives thier opinion on the action taken (if any) and how the mod/staffer involved conducted themselves. If we feel that something was done that shouldn't, or that a member was chastised wrongly an apology is sent and the action noted. This serves two purposes- it provides a peer review and it prevents any one mod/staffer from picking on somefur unjustly.

Many times when something goes on like what has transpired in the last few days rumors go around blaming things on this mod or that staffer, and the rumors are wrong in most cases. You the members never know this, as we go back to doing our duties and ignore what is being said and posted about us. It's our jobs, we volunteer to do this and it takes a thick hide to continue on when you're accused of something you can't defend yourself on.

We hear the rumors- sometimes they are sent by a concerned fur, other times when someone wants you to see what they wrote. Right now there are rumors going around here and elsewhere blaming two of our mods/staff for recent events, and as with most rumors they are false. You've yet to hear those being accused to deny them, and you probably won't, but they are still false non the less.

Why? Because the actions they are being blamed for were done by me. When more than one mod/staff is on the forums what sometimes happens is that both will take action over the issue without knowing the other has done so.

In one recent case the mod in question contacted the member so they could correct the problem before one of us that can change it found out. Now, thier name is being smeared for trying to help a fur stay out of trouble. What a way to say thanks...

When somefur is promoted to mod/staff and quits chatting with you or answering your threads as often as they used to it doesn't mean that the furson has changed or become powerhungery. It mearly means that they are overwhelmed with thier new responsibilties and are much busier than you would believe.

When they have to do thier job and correct you, it doesn't mean they no longer like you. In most cases it means just the opposite, as we are often harder on our furiends than we are on others. Becoming a mod/staffer doesn't make you any different than you were before except that you now have a resposibility to the others for your actions.

I truely mean it when I say that no other forum I've been on is as well behaved as this one- and that's because of you the members, not us the mods/staff. I'm proud to be a staffer here and I'm proud to serve with each and every one of the other mods and staffers who share the job of keeping this place safe.

If I have ever had to send you a PM for something, or if I ever have to in the future, that doesn't change how I feel about you. This is my job, but you, each one of you, are my furiends and the reason why we do what we do  

I've only been here for a little under a year.  In that time, I've found Furtopia to be a fantastic forum.  I've experienced very little of the immature stupidity that I disliked in all of the other places I have frequented on the net; honestly, what more could one ask for on a internet forum?

Most of all, I see furtopia as something *more* than a simple internet forum.  That is, a community of people whom I respect...some of whom I've met and interacted with face to face and can most definately call 'friends'.  I think this is alone stands as a testament to the fantastic job the mods are doing, and that is really what furry is all about.

So far, I've seen no one banned that I didn't expect to *be* banned for some reason or another.  For those who aren't obvious trolls (naming no one in particular), you can tell in the way they post, the hostility or sarcasm in the way they joke and how they react with their peers.

To such anti-authoritarians, I say simply: pick your fights.  As with anything in life, you have to pick the appropriate time and manner with which to disagree with the management.  The furtopia mods have only your best interest at heart.  Being a rebel (who obeys no-one) just to *be* a rebel will only annoy others and will eventually get you fired.

Anywho, I appreciate what you fellas are doing.  Keep up the excellent work.  


Quote (Far_Raptor @ Jan. 10 2006, 9:45 pm)Being a rebel (who obeys no-one) just to *be* a rebel will only annoy others and will eventually get you fired.
Very well said, Far. (:


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