Author Topic: Greetings from the outer unknown realms of the mind!  (Read 2589 times)

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Greetings from the outer unknown realms of the mind!
« on: April 14, 2021, 08:37:38 am »
Hello I am Spectral Coyote and I am new to Furtopia. A thirty something cultured intellectual who is an experimental poet as well as with the love of studying Philosophy, World History and Scientific study besides Classics of World Literature. In my early years, the playing of classical music was my first love and I have a vast knowledge of world music as well. Also, my mind likes to bend and manipulate reality a bit as tricksters do like a whirlwind or maelstrom of balancing order and chaos and transforming the reality of the current world and present time. Also, like to travel to different cities and historical sites, go to concerts, art galleries, museums and hike in the wilderness. It is like my mind is in that amorphous black unknown area between logic and metaphysics and science and the paranormal that I derive my creative energy from like a whirlpool of rain and thunder. It is nice to meet everyone on here and I am looking forward to having a fun time as I am a bit bored with life now and am ready to cause mischief. In addition to, I recently bought a Sony PS5 and am an old pc gamer and can't wait to play with my PS5 online with anyone who might be interested. Hit me up if you are interested in having a high powered intellectual discussion on multitudes of subjects.