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Learning about therian, could use some help.

Jade Sinapu:
Are you doing research on the topic, or suspect you may be one?

I met a few at Denfur and two here.  I do consider myself one in a way. 

Meet ups for sure. How do I go about doing them?

Jade Sinapu:
Unfortunately,  I've never found therians in everyday life as in meetups.  Here on furtopia a few have talked with me.  Then at denfur fur con, I just showed up at a panel for therians. I'm sure when I was in that panel room all I would have had to do would be start talking and trade contact info .  But i didn't because I'm private.   At that panel they did discuss some sites they were on, but I was not paying attention.

As for myself I think I've never sought out other therians  for a meetup because for me, my experiences,  I figured were so unique to me that maybe they were just for me.

I suspect you could find some sites and start arranging in  furson meetings. But be cautious.

Varg the wanderer:
I always found it easier to hang out with furries and meet therians that way, than to seek meetups with therians. Furries typically don't really care why you're there, as long as you're polite and trying to get along with people, and there are lots of therians in the furry fandom. Every time I've sought a therian group, though, I've always felt like they're expecting me to prove I'm a therian somehow. As if I need to have the right experiences to be welcome. I've never gotten that with furries.


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