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new website, what do you think?

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Well after a bit of work I've uploaded version 1.0 of my personal website :D (i say version 1.0 because i have some alterations planed already).


As you can see it's not completely about furries, as i will be posting a lot of my photography on it but i intend to expand on that angle considerably in the future, i just wasn't sure what to wright about right now.

This is my first foray into web design and i was wondering what everyone thinks of it? any comments or ideas constructive or otherwise would be welcome, i know its a bit light on content at the moment and though i will be expanding it i want to get the pages I've got up already right first.

It was all created on iWeb which is easy to use but doesn't give you the freedom of rapid weaver or similar programs, as the templates are pretty much fixed (the next time i update it i will probably use rapid weaver).

I wasn't sure if i should post this here but i figure its better in this section than general chat.

Very nice, I'll bookmark it.

Looks pretty good for a 'first' time. :)

Thanks  :D ,

I've got some more pages to add which I'm almost finished, one with some history and background on the fandom and how i discovered it and a page about my own fursona. (along with some other revisions to the pages already up)

i'm not entirely happy about the home page but it will have to stay like that for the time being anyway.

Cool photos :)


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