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Need a bit of website help...(There's art in it for you, too!)

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Okay, well, I need some help with my website's coding. Nothing I seem to do brings up the site as I was HOPING it would be displayed.

Here's how the site looks now. Please excuse the cruddy lineart with no color - that'll be fixed once I get the site going right.

Here's how I WANT it to look:

So, what do I need to do? I wouldn't mind leaving the middle picture out of it, I just need to do some new coding for the pages is all. ^^

OH! Okay~! For the first person who helps me get the site looking correctly, after I finish my current commission que and the free picture of Blastdav gets a headshot of their fursona, free, colored and inked. ^^ I can even re-crop it doe you.

Heya, Kuro.  Looks like the first link in your post isn't working; could you try to put it up again?  If so, I might be able to work with something... I don't have much HTML experience, but it's possible that I could get somethin' goin'.  :)

you still trying to do this kuro?   *looks down at the date*

i think the best way to do what you want it to (i am not sure exactly) is to use a css style sheet and use divisions and set up different dimensions of these divisions and have a seperate bg image for each one you can control the size, background txt color etc

good tutorials and lessons for free at

hope this helps


I don't know if you're still looking for any help on this, but I've just whipped up a basic template. Took me a couple minutes, but I didn't need to use much css. Tables did the trick pretty well.

It looks really bland right now because there aren't any images on it. I'll need a set of them to finish it, unless you want to put them on yourself.


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