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furson's weapon of choice?

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Foxi wields a scythe. And of course, she's got some sharp claws if all else fails.

My other characters are commonly sword-wielders.

A steaming hot pot of coffee....thrown at an appropriate location.

Jade Sinapu:
 My fursona is a geeky anthro GSD living in contemporary earth and he is very resourceful. This means he uses just about anything he can to defend himself.  Once he used a beefed up green laser pointer to temporarily blind a would be attacker who almost had the drop on him. 

Mister Initial Man:
Bears don't need weapons.  They can just sit on you.   :D

Jade Sinapu:
A furries weapon of choice against a normie might be a cell phone with a bunch of furry YouTube vids cued up.


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