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Headed to Ponyland

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Sporty Fox:
Heading down to visit a friend and lay on the beach for the weekend, probably won't get to check in for a few days. This weekend is the pony round up and the swimming of the ponies. I don't mess with the crowds (I hang out with the locals down island) but I'll try to get some pics of the ponies for the horse lovers!
   I'll post 'em as soon as I get internet access, tho it will more than likely be monday.

*writhes with envy*  Hope you enjoy!

That is onething I miss about NC.  I used to be just a short drive south of there.

Have a good time!

*Tries to squeeze herself into the fox's luggage*

Have a good trip, Sporty. Look forward to seeing the pics when you get back.

You know, the first time I ever heard of the pony round-up and the swimming of the horses between these islands was when I read a book back in Junior High called Misty's Foal (sp?). I can't remember why I had to read it. It was just part of some literary class. I wonder if this book still exists. *contemplates*


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