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Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.

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Kay Alett:
Well we can feel a bit happier. Trump has been "indicated". :D

cause the rat:
Oh id do get better. be bedder by de moment. Trump demonstrates psychotic behavior. Taunting his opposition wile claiming to be innocent is psychotic by the book. Another trait of a psychotic is to play 'catch me if you can." Best demonstrated by the cases of Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac killer. Each leaving cryptic messages to play that game. There is another way to play. Withhold evidence until your in the clear. New York has proven they can make a weak case against Trump with the new evidence of his tax returns. The same evidence that was withheld form a Federal investigation. New York can only find evidence within their jurisdiction. Federal can go both country and wold wide. I looked it up. 20 years is the minimal sentence for withholding evidence in a federal trial. Is Trump worried? He can't be tried for the same thing twice. He's never been tried for withholding evidence. The same evidence he publicly bragged about withholding. Is his law team worried? Like turkeys on the day before Thanks Giving. What New York did was allow the Federal side to hold out their hand and say. "Who wants to plea bargain." Looking forward to things collapsing around Trump way before the end of the year. And before you can say "But Rat. The evidence is weak." Any evidence withheld is against federal law.

cause the rat:
Fox news LOST the first defamation lawsuit.

You know not a single viewer of that network will ever hear about this.

The $1.600.000 lawsuit is set to start in a few days. Fox news is still relaying on the right to lie as their only defense.


--- Quote from: cause the rat on April 08, 2023, 08:51:43 pm ---Oh id do get better. be bedder by de moment. Trump demonstrates psychotic behavior. Taunting his opposition wile claiming to be innocent is psychotic by the book. Yada, yada, yada...

--- End quote ---

You don't know the meaning of the word, psychotic, do you? What Trump has  been displaying isn't psychotic behaviour, but rather narcissistic behaviour. There's a difference, learn it.

There's a reason why Trump gets himself into situations that are avoidable. There's a reason why he isn't POTUS now. Trump is incapable of saying those three simple words: "I was wrong". When the facts demonstrate he got it wrong, he doesn't correct. Instead, he doubles down. He did this when he bungled the whole fakedemic. He ruined the economic recovery of a lifetime by refusing to admit he'd been mislead by all the wrong people. He should have called the scamdemic off by July, 2020, at the very latest, cancelled "Warp Speed", told us to peel the magic circles off floors, reopen for business, get back to work or school, to get back to life as normal. If he had, he would have won a second term by a landslide. He didn't and he didn't. After seeing 40% of New York restaurants closing forever, taking the livelihoods of owners and employees with them, how do you suppose they voted? I don't know anyone who voted for Biden; I know lots who voted against Trump.

He did it to himself.

This House Speaker business in Washington right now is a total circus.  >:(
McCarthy is out.
Scalise is out.
Now it looks like Tom Emmer may be out.

Who the damn hell do Repubs (Especially the right wingers) want as House Speaker? Seems like whatever name gets pitched, the far right won't vote for them.
Which leads me to wonder: Do they have a plan to get Trump in for House Speaker instead? Is that who they actually want?
Or worse yet, Is it part of their plan to block anybody and everybody from getting voted to be House Speaker and therefor paralyze/shut down the government until their extremist demands are met? Maybe that's what they really want after all.
I am so sick of this crap.  >:(


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