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I don't know where to ask this, so....


As some of you may not know, I've been practicing Tarot.

Not for spiritual or religious reasons, but as a fun hobby, like when you make a paper fortune teller, or shake a magic 8 ball.

Anyhow, I'm wanting my own deck, but I'd like it to be furry themed, but I can't seem to find any for sale.

I suppose I could pay an artist on FA to draw one out, but that option would be possibly three times more than what a retail deck would cost (roughly $45-65 dollars).

I could dish out the money for a retail one, but I can't dish out the cash for a custom one.

Has anyone seen a furry themed one?  Or have a cheaper alternative?

Never seen a good furry one. I have a cat one myself, among others, I've seen dragon ones. But any furry ones have been overpriced, printed on cheap card, and with appealing art. A custom one by a good artist would be horribly expensive.

Tip: If you don't own your own deck, your first one should be a willful gift by someone else, otherwise it won't connect with you properly.

As far as decks with anthro chars, I haven't seen one, but there ARE decks with normal animals. I've seen a few cat and dog themed ones, specifically. They tend to be novelty decks -- meaning sillier and not often used for serious readings, but since you say you're a hobbiest that shouldn't be an issue.


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