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A Rat's journey in oil painting.

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cause the rat:
The two things in working with color and color theory that's helped me the most at this point.

Color theory. Color is relevant only to the color around it.

Color mixing. "The color you mix on the pallet wont look right until you put it where it needs to be in the painting.

That second one hit me like an epiphany. And made that portion of color theory make perfect sense. I've been trying to mix the exact color. But it never worked. On the pallet it looked right. In the painting it was way off.

Kid gloves are off. Adolescents is over. This is my second real attempt at a landscape. Still ways to go. This doesn't read well in black and white. So if I want to make the sky the brightest part of the painting I'll have to make everything else darker.


This is a 4x5 on printer paper.

cause the rat:
Second attempt. Knowing that color is relevant to the colors around it I started this second attempt with the sky. Went way to dark with it. Finding out if it looks right on the pallet it is to dark. Tried to mix color values by comparing them to the sky color. Without going black. Study ended up looking flat.

Will these eventually be furry? Yes. I have no intention of being a landscape painter. However I do intend on creating outdoor scenes. Whether they are with a landscape or town street background. The anthro characters will be the main focus of the art. So after I get this to a good spot I'll start working on cast shadows, color temperature and halation when dealing with structures. Also have to work on anatomy and animal faces showing emotion. And next month.....:)


cause the rat:
These is a truth about learning. It's harder to relearn than it is to learn. The real blood sweet and tears come when you learn to fix what you've been doing wrong. Isolating and fixing a single problem is no fun. I knew my brush handling was wonky and sloppy. So I spent hours fixing that problem. Now, instead of seriously working on areal perspective I'm goofing off. Guilty as charged. Areal perspective is three parts and the sky. Foreground light and dark. Mid ground light and dark. Back ground light and dark. Then light sky as the brights of all three. What I've done is failed miserably. Then wasted time by playing around with my failures. I wont say my next attempt will be any better. But I will no longer spend time goofing off.

With that said my latest attempt. Realized it was a complete mess so I reworked and overworked it to it's present state. I'm calling this on 'Buttock with Tree".


cause the rat:
Already hearing it. I can honestly understand why it takes people years to get good. Folks cant understand why I'm doing studies and not paintings. Or worst, they're reacting to my small studies as if they are supposed to be paintings. They look that bad because I'm that bad at understanding value relationships and how to create them. Value is more important than color. Value creates shapes and depth in any form of art. Understanding how this works isn't going to magically happen after years of painting. It happens when you decide to work on it.

My forth value study is my best attempt so far. It's not finished. I still have three colors to add. The highlight colors for the foreground, mid ground and back. There are two glaring mistakes in this attempt. Both the mid and background colors have the same value. Both the back and mid darks have the same value. It's easier to see when it's in black and white. Not going to fix these. That will happen in the next study.

cause the rat:
No pic this time. Just some info. I'll still be using paper to paint studies on. But not printer paper. When I mix a color on my pallet it looked turquoise. When I swiped in the masking tape holding the paper to the board it looked turquoise. When I when I swiped in on the board it looked turquoise. When I swiped it on the printer paper it looked crayola green. I grabbed a small piece of brown packing paper. Put a swipe on it. It looked turquoise. So I cut up a good hand full of 10x12 sheets of this stuff. That'll give me six ruffly 4x5 studies per sheet.

The absolute best place on line to find photos and videos for nude figure studies in Croquis Cafe. They use to be free. But now charge a $36 a year membership fee. As soon as I get comfortable with color values I'll be getting a membership and going into figure painting. Clothing can be faked. Correct proportions can't. It's either right or it looks bad. I'll also be making a huge database of a wide selection of animal heads. Because all these bodies need heads.

This is going to be a long journey. it may be a bit before I have something worth sharing. Decided it would probably be better to wait till i have some real progress before posting a pic again. I'm going through these tubes of water soluble oils like water. Not replacing them. From what i hear from other's who use oils is they don't handle like regular oil paints. It's regular oils for me! along with the toxin free cleaners and mediums I'm using now.


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