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Ukraine vs. Russia

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Chewy, God of Rats:
Am I the only one who thinks Putin has declining health and thats what caused this new aggression in the first place?

Jade Sinapu:
I have wondered if he had not just worsening health, but if he is losing his mind.

Are you saying that the loss of health, is like losing control, and by controlling Ukraine, he is showing he can control something and has power over something again, even if not over time?

Hopefully the people of Russia kick Putin out of power, and declare peace with Ukraine, and vow to help them rebuild.
It might be a chance for the two countries to build a good relationship.

As others have said: May all those in Ukraine stay safe. I would like to add: May those in Russia who are suffering due to Putin's decisions also stay safe. May all of your futures be soon be filled with peace.


Russia is getting it's butt tail whooped!
Dad follows the war news then tells me.
Am I the only laughing at the name Putin?  :D

I hope so too. As they say play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Also reminds me of warrior cats
Riverclan and Thunderclan fighting over the sunning rocks.

Jade Sinapu:
Part of why Ukraine is Kicking Putin's nads is because we are supplying them with arms.
I do wonder what this is doing long term for USA and its relations to other places.  Will our support hurt us later, or will it help us later?

What a mess this has turned out to be, but so far Ukraine is licking them.
I do gasp at the depravity which has apparently transpired on the part of some Russian troops how they loot, execute civilians from behind like cowards, and the other atrocities. 
But it is a war...


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