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Convention Forum Guidelines


Convention Forum Guidelines:

1. When posting a convention topic, please try and do a search first to see if there is already a topic started on the same subject. Doing this will greatly help in preventing too many duplicate topics and having topics locked. HOWEVER......Please also be aware of Rule # 12 here about gravedigging:
As an example: Please do not start a new topic about finding a ride to Anthrocon 2015 when there may already be a Anthrocon 2015 thread previously started that can still be continued.

2. If starting a new thread about a convention, Please be courteous and list the full convention name and also the dates (Month, Days, Year) of the convention in the thread title.

3. If members would like to have a convention added to the Calendar here:
……..Then please PM an Admin with the full name of the convention/event and the complete dates that it will take place on, and we will add that information to the Calendar.


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