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A Pretty Cool Cat.

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Day 1 of working at an arcade.
-No animatronics, so I didn't die
-Flathead screwdrivers fix everything
-Fruit Ninja on a big touch-screen makes people look like cats chasing a laser
-It's kinda like being a lifeguard but without the drowning and more jangling a screwdriver around in coin mechanisms

Haven't posted here for nearly two years.

Well, I turn 22 today. I joined Furtopia when I was 15, so that's pretty crazy. My life has been alright. I've been acting. I was just in a production of South Pacific (terrible script, good musical) in July. Also, since March, I've participated in three table-readings of a new play written by a friend of a friend chronicling the trial of Joan of Arc. A table reading is where you have some actors sit around a table and read through a script to see how it sounds and get a sense of how long it is.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to!


Old Rabbit:
Another "HI" to the pretty cool cat, and he is a
nice fellow too. :orbunny:


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Hi there!


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