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Shadows in the machine: A tainted A.I. (shadow A.I. reboot)

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Alright, my loves, first new rp of my return!!!!

In the future, machines rule all. Technology is the key. Articficial intelligences run vast programs too complex for normal furs. Cybernetic enhancments are considered a way for the rich elite too keep up with modern problems. Supersoldiers fight our battles. We travel at superspeeds on bullet trains, suspended on magnetic rail-lines. Mech-suits are currently being worked on in the governments labs. And the cities have grown into towers of glistening lights. But even in these times, there are problems. Shadow corp has continued to produce one of the few advancments ruled illegal. Nano-technology. These tiny machines are ruled as too unpredictable and dangerous to warrant use. But Shadow corp smelled money, and has covertly kept the program running over the years. Of course, there are those with less clear motives....

Join this shadowy environment, and see what lies in wait. Are you one of shadow corps goons? or one of their techs? Or maybe you want to see them brought to justice? Whatever your desire, you can find it. But beware, theres a ghost in the machine...

Assistant GM: Sledge

Character cards to be filled out as such

Alliance: Government/shadowcorp/independent (specify)
Cybernetic enhancments: If any
Notable equipment:

Have fun everyone. My rules
1. No godmodding
2. Don't argue with me or sledge
3. if you have a problem with something, ask me or sledge. if you have a problem with someone, take it to pms
4. have fun

Name: project K11SCH "Killswitch"
Species: Panther (feral)
Gender: male
Alliance: Government (SWAT)
Appearance: large for his species, heavily muscled with sleek black fur and blue eyes. Tungsten carbide edged titanium claws. Titanium weapon mounts on shoulders and bionic right eye.
Cybernetic enhancements: visual overlays, brain enhanced with military processors and combat software, speech implant, Emotional dampeners.
Personality: usually has a dry sense of humor when emotional dampeners are not engaged. Fiercely loyal to his handler and the scientist that created him, though prone to psychotic breakdowns and fits of rage due to random triggers from his past. May be susceptible to the lure of a female.
Notable equipment:  bones replaced with carbon fiber/titanium copies tungsten edged titanium claws, and weapon mounts available for handler's choice in weapons(these follow Killswitch's gaze and fire with a mental cue, but cannot be reloaded and are usually ejected when empty in order to reduce weight.)

Name: Apparition "Appi"
Species: AI program
Cybernetic enhancements:
Notable equipment:

I'll edit this more later.

This caught my eye however do you think I could get a list of cybernetic that way I know what is and isn't aloud?

It's sort of a "you ask, i deny or approve"

Name:Artyom Mendeleev
Species:East-European Shepherd (looks like a regular East-European Shepherd, average muscle,  handsome, distinct scar on his face)
Alliance: Works to sabotage Shadow Corp activities (so I guess rebel then).
Weight: 190lbs
Height: 6'1"

Cybernetic enhancments: Enhanced movement speed, reflexes, sight, and strength.

Personality: Merciless when dealing with Shadow Corp forces. If he's surrounded and he knows he's outgunned he might just give up (only to try to trick them). If he's not fighting and you get to know him, he's caring, kind, and just a decent fur. Enjoys playing the electric guitar. Has a slight Russian accent, and a military voice.

Notable equipment: Modified ghillie suit for urban/city environments (material dims his heat signature). Hybrid Assault Sniper Rifle (HASR for short, looks like a AR-10 except a little more advanced and a 20 inch barrel, semi-auto and 3 round burst modes) with suppressor, bipod, long range/short range Scope (the scope has different modes for different situations),  25 round magazines, built in computer for determining range (chambered in .300 RUM  uses high power loads, AP, API, and HEI rounds on his targets). Wrist mounted touch screen that monitors vitals. Sidearm: .44 Magnum Revolver, and Ka-Bar knife. Uses tracking grenades (detects enemies and seeks them out for 7 seconds, can be switched over to be used like regular frag grenades), and mines. Wears military style camo boots, made with noise reducing technology (makes him harder to hear and detect).  He's well trained in combat.

Backstory: He moved to this city and originally lived in Moscow. He didn't exactly like any government system, so he decided to fight groups that did illegal activities. He's already been hunted down twice, and has been laying low for now. He often does his work more carefully now to avoid being caught. His parents died, and he lived with his grandpa growing up.

(Tell me if I need to tone this down and I will happily do so).


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