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Note: If you did not receive an invitation, then please, do not make a character application.

It’s been nearly a century since the planet was scorched. Perhaps that’s why some people want to go back up to the surface, because it’s “safe now”. Sure, it’s safe, it stopped being radioactive a long time ago. But there’s nothing there. It’s just an endless desert. Everything up there that had any worth was completely obliterated when the the universe decided to suckerpunch the Earth with a comet. Of course, it’s not paradise down here at the bottom of the ocean. Yes there are pirates and monsters, but we can keep them at bay. Plus the Poseidon Collective keeps riots and revolts… mostly under control. And we have food and clean water and, hell, LIFE down here.

Of course, things aren’t perfect in your home colony of Phi. The entire city is effectively a slum. You can’t walk five feet without witnessing a mugging or a back alley drug deal. The government is too powerful, and is closer to a dictatorship than it is to a democracy. And to top it all off, famine and disease are rampant as the paranoid law enforcement officers keep all the food and medical equipment to themselves. “It’s needed for the effective functioning of our officers” they say. What a load of crap.

You, along with the rest of the crew on the Hermes investigation and reconnaissance submarine, have been tasked with investigating the radio silence of a nearby colony, Omega, which is located past a notoriously dangerous stretch of ocean. The journey will be harrowing, and survival is not guaranteed. Luckily, the Poseidon Collective has pointed out a few smaller colonies in-between you and your goal, which will hopefully allow you places to dock and resupply, as you won't have enough resources to make the trip in one go.  Let's hope the pirates aren't too hungry this time.

Ok, here are some things to note about this RP:

* Characters are almost certainly going to die. I’m not saying that EVERYONE is going to lose one of their characters, but you may end up being the poor sap whose character gets zapped. For this reason, I would recommend giving two character applications. Going over two would make this a bit crowded, but hey, it’s a free country!
* As you read, throughout the story, the Hermes will be docking at colonies on the way to the final destination. When the submarine is docked at these stations, you can submit a new character application to replace someone you’ve lost.
* During this RP, I may decided to interact with you guys via PM. By doing this, I’ll be able to give you guys information privately during certain parts of the story, in order to make it a bit more interesting. This may turn out awesomely or it may be a recipe for disaster, but hey, I have to at least try.
No Godmodding or Metagaming.
If you feel that your character was killed unfairly, then please feel free to tell me so in a peaceful manner, and if you make good points, we’ll work something out. However, insults and general rudeness will get you nowhere, and I ultimately get the final say in who lives and who dies.
Any arguments with me or other players should be (peacefully) brought up in the OOC. Again, I will ultimately have the final word in all of this.
Just don’t be a jerk, okay?

Age: (At least 20)
Personality (as brief or as long as you like):

Gunner: Specializes in controlling the heavy weaponry attached to the Hermes, like machine guns and torpedo launchers.
Engineer: Specializes in keeping the Hermes in working order.
Security Officer: Specializes in protecting the crew of the ship, with training in small arms and hand to hand combat.
Medical Officer: Specializes in keeping the crew of the ship alive and well.
Navigator: Specializes in controlling where the Hermes goes, and, in combat situations, is in control of the ships evasive maneuvers.

And there we go. Go ahead and post your apps, and prepare for a traumatizing voyage.

Looks pretty good. I'll probably get my card(s) up sometime tomorrow...

I think I might break from my norm and actually join this. I'll have a read and get a card drafted up as soon as possible (I'm going to lose net access for Saturday, so I might be a little slow to get it up).

Name: Brute (Dexter Blair)
Age: Late Thirties
Species: Giant Salamander
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6 foot and 300 lbs, built of solid muscle.  Pale blue skin, beady black eyes.
Clothes: Full-sleeve welding style leather jacket, thick denim pants, two sets of leather gloves, steel toed boots.
Here's an example for the jacket.
Personality: Dexter mostly keeps to himself and focuses on his job whenever possible.  In many ways he is like a janitor; always in the background, but actually still there most of the time.  He isn't often seen without his pipe wrench.  (And for those of you who remember him from way back when, NO, Dexter is not a replacement for Gnarko, despite the similarities!)
Backstory: Dexter has worked on Poseidon Collective ships since he was able to hold a wrench.  Not much is know about his life before he became an engineer, or even anything about his family.  Given that he seems to care more about the health of the ship than the health of his crewmates, it's possible he's just trying to distance himself from other people, perhaps due to a traumatic event in his past.  (Or not, it's entirely possible that he's just always been this way.)
Specialization: Engineer

Got a second character in the works.  I'll edit this post once i've got their card done.

EDIT: Got my second character done.  Looks like this little coyote girl is all grown up now.  I mean, it HAS been roughly three years since she was last featured in ANY story, RP, anything.  I wonder what she's been doing since her last appearance...

Name: Kyo Orkaat
Age: Early Twenties
Species: Coyote
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kyo has a fairly unremarkable physical appearance, having a coat of fur reminiscent of a dusty wasteland, with some black streaks that lack any real specific order.  Her icy blue eyes do much to contrast with the dark and bleak world around her.  She isn't terribly tall, at 5 foot 6, but her attitude and actions help give her a noticeable presence nonetheless.  While not exactly brimming with muscle, she is fairly strong for someone of her size, and is quickfooted enough to keep her foes guessing.
Specialization: Medical Officer
Clothes: Kyo's usual outfit is a black hoodie and grey pants, with a red bandana she wears around the neck.  She also carries a large bowie knife that she claims to be skilled at fighting with, though there is no real proof to back up her claim.
Personality: Kyo will come off as insensitive and uncaring at first glance, but she's more than a snarling mass of grit and spite.  When she opens up to you (which is almost certainly a WHEN, not an IF) it is revealed that she is a surprisingly sensitive and emotional person who wears a fearless mask to keep strangers from looking too closely into who she REALLY is.
Backstory: Kyo has been purposely vague about her past, as if she herself doesn't remember the details.  What is known is that she lost her parents to pirates at a fairly young age, and she's been a drifter ever since.  She's gotten by on thievery, odd jobs and has even worked as a tracker for the Poseidon Collective a few times.  Kyo has somtimes spoken of an wolverine friend she had; the person that taught Kyo most of her medical knowledge, which ultimately lead to her signing onto the Hermes as a medic.

Name: Marie Knight
Age: 22
Species: Cardinal
Gender: Female
Appearance: Thin but fit, Stands 5'9", brownish-red feathers, blue eyes.
Clothes: Off-duty: Brown knee-length dress with a gold necklace and earrings with pumps. On-Duty: Dark blue button-up shirt with light armor vest, black pants with light armor plating built in, dark blue combat boots
Personality: A very determined and focused young woman, not one to mince words but knows when to cut loose. Prides herself on her work.
Specialization: Security Officer

Age: (At least 20)
Personality (as brief or as long as you like):


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