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Sea bound souls (pirate RP) (OOC, Sign up)

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Jacoby Quinn:
Some of you may remember more clearly, but those of you who don't, you get a rude awakening as a wave washes over the deck of The shameful hanged. Your last memory was that of a smoky tavern, and a lot of drinks. And a call for a crew that you signed.
It's not a ship you've heard much about if you've heard about it at all, not out of mystery, but rather a lack of importance. Either way though, you look to be far out into open water, and you aren't THAT good at swimming, so for the time you're stuck here. It's not so bad. The sun is warm, the waves are calm, and a good wind fills the sails. One of the crewmates is going around waking people up, he's an otter, fairly large, but his muscles ripple from his long life aboard the ship. "Oy, yer, already awake? Well, get up, yer not gettin paid t' be a barnacle"
Okay, so we're in the golden age of piracy. I have a few positions open on the ship, but not every character needs a position. You can just be a crewmember if you wish
The positions are as follows
Ship's cook
boarding party member (need at least 2 of these)
Cabin Boy
ships carpenter

Any positions not filled by players will be filled by characters that I will create

ALL WEAPONS MUST BE GOLDEN AGE OF PIRACY this means around 1650-1730
this means mostly flintlock weapons, swords, and bows
but you aren't specifically restricted to those

That said
because a captain has to keep his crew in line

1.no godmodding. You're not going to swim faster than a ship, and you're not a superhero.
2.no metagaming. if you know there is treasure, and your character doesn't, and your character goes for the treasure, guess what? You're metagaming.
3. Forum rules! Obey them, if you get keelhauled by the admins, you probably deserve it.
4.stick to the historical timeline, your character isn't going to be the chemist pioneer who discovers napalm and starts burning down ships.
5.get along! You're all on the same ship, same crew. If you don't play nicely, you're going to the brig.
6. don't stock your character with a ridiculous number of weapons.
7.If I chose an AGM his character gets the position of first mate. You may make another character to be first mate, promote your own, I don't care. My AGM is in charge too. What they say is not to be argued with, waited for, or otherwise belayed or delayed by anyone but me.
8.careful with alcohol use. I know we are pirates, but if you over use, you're walking the plank
9.have fun.
10. Take what you can, give nothing back!

Card skeleton

Name: Shift Xeno
Species:Mountain Wolf
Nationality: Chinese
Personality:Quiet, solemn, thoughtful, hardworking, intelligent, blunt.
Appearance: six feet tall, two hundred thirty pounds, semi-fit, black defining fur, white stomach fur and neck fur, black hair with red tips, left eye red with a scar stretching across it across the muzzle, right eye green.
Clothing: thick weathered boots, worn but tough cloth pants, cotton shirt, and thick leather duster.
Backstory:Orphaned and raised on the streets, he scrapped by for many years on scraps, and stealing for coin, soon enough he had earned somewhat of a reputation as he drifted from town to town all over china, doing jobs both legal and not before settling in a port town, soon enough his reputation caught up to him and he had a choice, either be hanged, or join the countries navy. H e spent several years working and toiling on various military ships across the world, representing his country whether he wanted to or not, soon enough managed to earn himself some regard as a navigater, the captain having lost the enemy in the oncoming fog, it was only due to his experience and an uncountable amount of nights breaking into the captains room and studying the various charts and books within that he was able to suddenly take charge and avoid a mass of rocks, with the captain in his debt he concluded his time being forced to work in the navy, and managed a ship of his own, for five long years he fought pirates and defended his homeland, before the politics of his home decided that his methods were to "unorthodox". His ship taken from him, his name shammed, and his rank stripped from him, his heart burns for a chance to get back at the petty government that had so carelessly thrown him away, and a longing to get back to the seas that had become his home. He tried many times, applying for any ship he could, but his past followed him, so many unwilling to hire a shamed captain, at the end of his rope, he applies for a no name ship at a dead end tavern, hoping against hope, that he may have a chance to return to the ocean.
Weapons: a long dagger in his boot, two throwing knives in his duster, and a cutlass at his side.
Equipment: compass, map of the various places he has traveled, a journal of his adventures, and a pocket watch.
Applying for position of Navigator.

if i can join then this is my character:

 name: foxy the pirate
age: 18
gender: male
species: fox-dragon
nationality: caribbean
personality: bold, outgoing, good sense of humor, lonesome.
appearance: 6 feet 5in, 130 lb, semi-fit, purple fur with black patterns, wings have a purple transparent membrane with black swirls, grey stomach and neck fur, black fur with purple tips, eyes shift between purple, red, and blue, a scar runs down neck to stomach.
clothing: leather knee high boots, tattered dark grey pants, leather vest, white long sleeve button up shirt, pirate hat.
backstory: was set off to sea at an early age and quickly became outlawed. soon became a ship builder and made my own ship and started my own crew. eventually started sailing the seven seas and hunted for legends like the fountain of youth. my ship was taken away and was put in prison but escaped and is looking to join a crew. is very skilled with a blade.
weapons: long thin sword, a small dagger, a pistol, and a tomahawk.
equipment: compass, amethyst crystals,  map.

applying for crowsnest
would like to be first mate... but knows its unlikely...

Name: Jaeger
Age: 32
Gender: male
Species: red eyed heron
Nationality: german
Personality: under development
Appearance: 6' 4" somewhat thin built, bright white feathers. Black head with a long white beak, white skull pattern against the black, and blood red eyes.
Clothing: wears a long ragged black leather coat with black pants and black boots.
Weapons: typically uses an array of throwing/fighting knives hidden on his body, but also carries a long barreled flintlock on his back.
Equipment: engraved ivory powder horn, custom hidden knife sheaths in jacket including in sleeve wrists.
Position: first mate


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