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Shattered Earth (OOC)

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Class: CQC [locked]
Primary: 2 Vityaz-SN
Secondary: HK45
Melee: Experimental Vibro-knife
Extra: none

Class: Breacher [locked]
Primary: Benelli M4
Secondary: Desert Eagle
Melee: Trench Shovel
Extra: Experimental plasma breaching charge

Class: Heavy
Primary: MK44
Secondary: none
Melee: *see below*
Extra: Exo-Suit (how did you expect to carry an MK44?)

Class: Sniper [locked]
Primary: M110
Secondary: Taurus 809
Melee: Ballistic Knives
Extra: Experimental tracer and incendiary rounds

Class: Rifleman
Primary: ARX 160
Secondary: Mac 10
Melee: combat knife
Extra: Phosphorus, and Experimental stasis grenades.

i added my class.

Noted, i'll give Jacoby a bit more time then get it up and going

Jacoby Quinn:
done and done

Name: Jorgun
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Warg
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150lb
Appearance: his fur is an ice grey with the only break in colour being white under his muzzle and belly. his eyes are a dark blue/grey
Personality: you'll find out

Class: CQC


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