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Ink pens.


Does anybody use ink pens for artwork? I'm not talking about regular ball point ink pens or calligraphy pens, but rather the type that have very fine tips that are 1mm or less. An example might be these here:
What I'd like to know is what Pros or Cons people have had using these types of pens when writing or drawing over various materials. Has anybody ever written or drawn over plastic materials, or over enamel or acrylic paint after it has dried?

Old Rabbit:
I don't know anything about using ink for sketches or painting.  When I was in
school. I did some india ink painting/tracing on glass. That makes some cool
looking art.

I've recently started using some similar pens / felt markers ( http://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/57310559 ). Although markers and pens tend to have significant differences in the way they show on media, when it comes to plastic or writing over paint it all depends on what the ink is designed for. It's safe to assume that unless it specifically says "for use with plastics and/or paint" that it's probably not going to give good results.

Even after it dries, whether it's marker or pen, most inks will still smudge easily on plastic. Paint I'm not sure of: it would probably depend on what paint you're using. Something like watercolor would probably be reconcilable to draw over with pens, but if it's acrylic or enamel (which I assume dries harder and more glossy) my guess is that it won't do so well, assuming it writes at all. A marker-pen like in my link would probably work best (ink flow is better with markers and you can still get a great precise line with the 005 size) but it may still smudge.

Hope that helps!

Iara Warriorfeather:
I've used micron tip pens before. They are excellent for stippling and lots of detail. If you use other markers or pens with them when coloring they will bleed, as Holt5 stated.

I mainly use Sharpie pen. It doesn't look as good as the professional art pens my friend has, but at least it works.


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