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Furtopian Fursuit Parade

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A few pictures of the raptor....in his wolf costume.  <i>Far Wolf pondering at Califur:

Far Wolf Partial at Further Confusion:

Too much fun!


Here are my personal suits, Joecifur (a bobcat) and Sora (a lion cub). Both are made by me.

Here are my suits so far.

Zeitgeist (silver phase red fox, by LatinVixen; no pictures of me wearing her yet)

Saskia (king cheetah, by Midori; no pictures of me wearing her yet)

I'll replace these pictures with ones of me in them come AC or so.

Here is Sasha = Me

it was made by Sport Fox
and i called it after one of his Cuddly wolf hybrids as he matched the colours


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