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Welcome to my sub-forum.


Thanks go out to the other Furtopian Staff for allowing me to create this spot. ;) This sub-forum of mine is a "repository or archive" of sorts for guides and tutorials (or other important threads) that I have written regarding fursuits and fursuiting. These guide/tutorial threads will be revised, edited, re-written by me in future days, weeks, months, and years as new material becomes available or old material is outdated. New guides/tutorials on future subjects will also be added in this sub-forum as time permits. All info. in my guides/tutorials is not meant to be "official" or replace, any other fursuiting info. found on the Net. What I have written is just extra ideas, concepts, solutions, etc. to provide people with more info. about fursuits and fursuiting.
Members are free to reply in the threads and ask any questions they want and I (or someone else) will be glad to answer any questions you have. :)


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