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UPDATE - 2/27/2014


For quite a long time, at least a year to year and a half or more, I'm sure everyone has noticed that there's been no new updates to any of my tutorials, as well as no new tutorials written. I'm sorry for this. :(
Just because I haven't done any work does not mean I have forgotten about anything nor does it mean I have completely stopped writing or anything else. I DO want to continue any updates and I DO want to continue writing new fursuiting tutorials.
A few reasons why you haven't seen anything new are the following:
* Busy with real life such as job, family, etc.
* Took about 6 months "off time" for cataract surgery and recovery in both my eyes.
* Writing, revising, editing, etc. fursuit tutorials takes lots of research of various information.
* The major reason you don't see anything new is because I first write drafts in Microsoft Word before transferring everything to my sub-forum here.
* Another reason is that when I write a fursuit tutorial, I try to write it as a "universal" or "one size fits all" so to speak type of tutorial. Granted, this isn't as easy as it sounds since everybody and everything will be different when it comes to cleaning, traveling, fursuit design, and so much more.

I'm sorry there's been delays in everything here. I will continue, but it will take time and I ask for your patience. Thanks. ;)


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