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how did you find the furry fandom

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I'm lazy, so i'll just quote something i posted last time this question came up.  (Note the bad grammar, sub-par spelling, and poor punctuation.)

--- Quote ---Heard of the fandom out of chance, and hadn't heard of it.  found the disturbing stuff first.  i found it repulsive (but not disturbing.  the way i see it, nothing can be as disturbing as what i could create should i willingly do so), but i continued my research until i had many sides of the story, as well as doing my own evaluation of it.  i knew that some part of me belonged here, so i tried it out. i tried F4L first, and people seemed friendly enough, but not very productive...  found this one, which caught my eye from the second i saw it, because as hard as i tried, i found nothing to complain about.  as soon as i saw the RP section, i went and completely read the 10 most resent threads (except for the vampire one that's over 100 pages long.) and i was hooked.  joined up and expected to have to climb my way up the totem pole, and was contacted by the ringleaders almost immediately.  this shocked me, and i knew i found exactly what i was looking for.

something i might add.  i asked all of my friends if their opinions of me would change should i join a fandom with a bad rap.  according to them, i'm already as weird as the rest of them (one of which is a broney) so it wouldn't make any difference.  now those are some real friends, ones who can hear that you do something that they strongly disagree with, and still be friends. (not that they even disagreed to begin with, as they were indifferent)
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---I was thinking about it the other day, and i know how i got here... started with D&D, and and the RPGs me and my friends would do.  I had always loved the animal races, such as kobolds and gnolls, and while searching for images, came across some pretty cool art, mainly done by furries.  I followed those to the sites they were posted on, and needless to say, i found some... things we don't talk about around here... i ignored that, and though nothing of it, as my view of the internet in general is 'you never know what you'll find, and you search at your own risk.'  anyway, though the art, i slowly pieced together the fandom, and was mildly interested in joining, but i did quite a bit of research first, and quickly found that it is a very diverse and almost fragmented group of people, so i looked for one that would be worth my time.  I went here first, as it seemed the most promising, but i also joined F4L while i was waiting to for my application to be accepted here.  The place seemed friendly enough... but it seemed unproductive and unorganized... once my application was approved, i joined in, and so far, i couldn't be any more pleases with the place.  so yeah... that's pretty much what happened.
--- End quote ---

Wonderfully written, ain't it?

I was a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan since I was a wee girl. I got into the comics and when I got older I became internet buddies in the fandom who also happened to be furry and I learned from them.

Loved Sonic and Crash bandicoot since I was little. But I guess youtube helped too. I saw a quadsuit for the first time and was hooked! If you want to see it here's the link

Remley Bishop:
When I was very young, I watched cartoon like most kids.  I liked various animal characters, such as Donald Duck.  I remember reading a short story involving a kid being transformed into a duck by a witch. 

As I grew older, I gravitated towards various furry things, mostly cartoons and some comics.  At the age of about 7, I watched The Secret of NIMH in the theaters (I saw a later release as I was living overseas at the time) and for the first time I dreamt of myself as a furry.  Very strong vivid dreams that repeated several nights. 

Time went on, as a teen I watched cartoons still and read animal themed books (not exclusively, just when I could find them) and collected furry themed RPGs. One of the books I read was Watership Down by Richard Adams. 

Again time passed, and I was in college.  I got a part time job as a computer lab monitor for the statistics lab (I was a computer science major myself) and wanted to waste time.  I had not really used the web before, just used local bulletin boards.  I searched for things on the web that I liked at the time; movies, books, that kind of thing.  I searched for "Watership Down" and got a link to FurryMUCK.  This was my first exposure to the word Furry, and it intrigued me to know others had similar interests.  I researched furry, and learned of both the "dark side" and the "light side" of the fandom, and decided to join in anyway.  I was in my early 20s and finally connected to people I could feel at home with discussing my interests.

So yeah, long story, but that is how I found the fandom.

     I found this when I tried looking for a forum that had people walking digitigrade, though those are old posts. I bet you can find them in these categories. And yes, I do walk digitigrade.


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