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Kay Alett:

--- Quote from: Varg the wanderer on December 12, 2023, 03:23:01 pm ---Your life was given to you as a gift, and it sounds like that despite the hardship you are now in a better place in part because of the trial you went through.

You are loved. Is there anything you need like durable food or stuff to cook with?

--- End quote ---

You can look at it as a gift, personally I feel like I have my life because I fought for it. Nature tried her best to take me out of the game and I spat in her eye and told her that if she wanted to kill me she better put some real effort into it and stop wasting my time.

No, really, i shouted that straight up at the sky while i was hanging on the bank of the canal and getting pelted with hail and debris. Some folk have a can-do attitude. I have a F-U-attitude. You wanna kill me? Screw you, I'm not dying that easy. The sun has not yet risen on the day when i will face death graciously no matter how much I may look forward to my finale. I will bite, scratch, kick, and spit my last breath in its face.

As for things. I could use some replacement clothes. And a new Colman stove to cook on.
I'll be clear though. I am getting back to good already. I don't need donations or things like that but i will accept them.

I'll post my amazon wish list later along with my address where things can be sent. I'm not sure if I can take mail in donations cause the us post office doesn't deliver to the slabs but it can reach me if you use UPS or FedEx.

But again, I'm doing well and i don't require donations. I will accept them if you insist but you don't have to feel any kind of obligations. I am fine as in you don't have to worry about me.

Kay Alett:

These are only ideas. With my new location on the main road I decided to start buying in bulk because it's typically cheaper.
I also threw in some clothes.
Once again, no one should feel any obligation to donate to me. I am recovering fine.

Address anything to me at

Gary Snider Jr
668 NE Beal Rd.
Slab City
Niland, CA 92257

(I still haven't been able to legally change my name, i go by Kay)
If you can't get anything off that list and want to ship something from your home you will have to send by UPS or FedEx.


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