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Sciex gets better at art :)

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Hey guys. I'm posting this because I'm new to art and I want to improve and so far allot of you have been very helpful :). My Art teacher  from school never really let us do sketching and focused more around painting. - Which I sucked at. So I am going to try to improve my skills as an Artist over time by dedicating spare time (Which I have allot of because it's holidays) to doing tutorials on Drawing.

Tips to other artists
I don't have much experience in art but here are some tips of stuff the I think would help.

* Start off with some gesture drawing: http://screwbald.livejournal.com/19663.html#cutid1 
* Draw in pencil. Use lighter shades such as HB for sketching, B to darken the outline a bit, 4B for shading (uses a blending stick) and 6B for the final outline. Alternatively you can use a Fine line black pen to outline. Make sure you don't go over dark outlines with a black fine line pen. This will blend with the pencil and it will appear as Grey. (I just experienced this issue)   
* Take your time (unless your doing gesture drawing)
* Practice makes - almost perfect
* Don't get stressed out. Take breaks if you need to. Try not to sit down for long periods of time (I know I don't follow this rule :P)
* Take your time when making art. Don't rush it :) Learning can be a slow process
* Listen to your favorite music (or good music) while making art. (I don't usually like classical but some of it is pretty good and soothing :) starts listening to classical music* - Make sure you don't choose anything intense like Beethoven. I find harsh violin music distracting
* Dedicate some of your time to doing art. - Try to make at least 2 hours in a week. I know with school and other things your life can get busy.
* Date and sign your work. It is important for reference to see your improvement. This also shows that you created this artwork and are the owner of it.
* Use references when drawing (pictures of the thing you are drawing or want to draw)
* Ask others for tips. Post your art on Furtopia. We will be glad to help you so long as it fits in the PG category. (There might be a mature section for people over 18 but I am unsure of this)
Useful links:

How to make a Blending stick (Tortillion): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-pzgAu9Fm0
Gesture drawing (images to draw): http://artists.pixelovely.com/practice-tools/figure-drawing/


gesture drawing: http://screwbald.livejournal.com/19663.html#cutid1
Sketching (anthro): http://screwbald.livejournal.com/19161.html?thread=133849
how to draw fur: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/drawing-the-furry-fluffy-and-feathered.html

Current art level status: I did an art :P still need to work on drawing anthros in different stances though!

link to current art (near end of page): http://forums.furtopia.org/artwork-techniques-tutorials/sciex-attempts-to-get-better-at-art-)/100/

old stuff from original into post below ↓

--- Quote ---Dates follow D/M/Y Format
Anthro wolf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLlqN7tHyFM (lol. Looking back over this there is something seriously wrong with body proportion XD Mainly the shoulders)

Wolf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeSwFqEJxns
Hehe. Look like a Pokemon wolf :D The neck is a bit too long (this one was done after the second one)

If you can give me any tips or link me to tutorials that you yourself have found useful please feel free to do so :)

:D Working on the first image.


I think he still needs more character. Any suggestions? :3

Body Proportions:http://www.furaffinity.net/full/4130657/

A project I worked on for Korvre:

^ Original sketch

^ Started adding outline and colour. This is the first time I've used this outline style (Using darker and lighter colours for outlines instead of black)

^more progress (I will add the tail, add texture to the cargo pants, work on shading of the ears and add some texture to the shirt.
Still have to add a tail :P Slowly getting better at this art thing ^.^

added the tail :P

If you have any suggestions on improvement or tutorials you found good yourself then please post below. I will put the tutorials in the links section If I find them useful.

I'm currently currently working on gesture drawing so I won't be doing any major art soon ^.^ Hopefully I'll make a new avatar for myself :)

--- End quote ---

cool work so far :D

Your most recent project reminds me of Katz from courage the cowardly dog. Which is fantastic.

looks nice ^^ im still waiting on an art tablet that's why i have made no progress.....

Looking good there Sciex.  :)


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