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A rat's journey into art. Acrylic paint.

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Sounds like u are making some good progress!  :) Art is always a work in progress (personal experience here), so keep at it!

cause the rat:
Thanks FarFar. Art is like playing an instrument. The more you put into it the more you get out. The only way to get better is to push yourself.

Bad news is I messed this up. Good news is I don't have to throw anything away. Unlike watercolor I can gesso over it all and start again.  This quarter inch thick piece of plywood I'm playing with might be three quarters of an inch think by the time I'm done. :)

Yeah, I know what you mean. Sometimes, the stuff I draw/paint/sketch is not the greatest but I keep doing it so I get better.

cause the rat:
Practicing my peeps. Background people that is. Just an expression of a figure. Allowing the paint brush, with just a bit of guidance to say what that particular person is doing. Really starting to like angled brushes. I can paint small with the tip. Then push a bit to get a wider stroke. All wile still allowing for expression. Finding the more I try to control the brush the stiffer the figure. Did a lot of this when trying ( more like a constant struggle ) watercolor painting. Acrylics are a lot more forgiving. If I make a mistake I can paint over it. :) Strangely enough the bigger the brush the easier it is to paint a small figure. Each figure between an inch and a half to two inches tall. Brush is a one half inch wide filbert. That's a rounded top brush with a flat edge. And before you even ask. Yes some of these peeps are anthro. Honestly I don't see myself making badges and things like that. There's plenty of people making them. May do furry art. Anthro characters in land/city/town scapes and the like. But here my mouth is a few miles ahead of my skill. Have to see where this goes.

cause the rat:
The world of difference. In watercolor I could experiment and make a really nice effect. Then, using the same colors. Using the same brush and technique. Never have the very same effect. Or worst, never even come close. With acrylics I can get the very same effect. No matter what combo of colors I use. I'm learning and moving forward. With watercolor I would get something to work. Then fight to make it work again. I think this will be the last reference to watercolor. There are things I did learn. Color mixing. The difference and effect cool and warm colors have on each other. And how to mix grays without using white. There is quite a bit more I learned. So my dive into watercolor helped me. I don't think I would have this level of understanding about color theory had I started with acrylics or oils.

I might have to continue this thread in the 'Artwork Techniques and Tutorials' section of the forum. Watched a few digital painting tuts on youtube. Quite a bit of what I'd have to share work in both digital and traditional art. And because I can't find a way to imbed pics most of the posts would be about techniques anyway.


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