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Heaven's light
« on: July 11, 2012, 05:41:40 am »
The night air was cool and refreshing as he walked through the forest...he knew that it was dangerous, mystical and sometimes even wonderful he carried on. A hood was around his form as he looked upon the night sky bright purple eyes looked upon the stars glowing brightly as well the moon...crescent shape. Making his way through the forest fully seemingly having no hassle he came upon an apple orchard...a growl could be heard as his stomach was aching from lack of food for last day or more. "They sure do look delicious." he said softly to himself before walking up to the tree and bucking it hard with his hind legs..apples started to fall upon the ground eating a few of them before laying on the ground starting to drift off to sleep "Just...a little rest." falling soundly asleep against one of the trees with a few of the eaten apples near him

The morning seem to come quickly as a voice awoken him from his slumber "A-Hem.." as he opened his eyes groggy he looked up to see a large red pony standing over him with a smaller orange colored pony next to them "Aye hope you have a good explanation for eating our apples without asking." a southern female voice spoke towards him followed by a rather deep toned "Eeee-Yup."

Shaking his head a bit he looked at them starting to slink back a bit before the hooded figure got up, not saying anything he began to run off to the side trying to get away...getting cut off fast by the orange female pony as the larger red pony cornered him t"And where do you think you are goin'? What about our apples?" the hooded figure shook some before rearing up bucking the tree hard sending apples down...the other two jumped back some as the figure began to run off "Get him." the two began to chase him towards town..the hooded figure rushed through the crowd of ponies making them jump back a bit. The female orange pony yelling out "Hey stop him he's a thief." as she said that a pink colored horse came out of the local bakery "Applejack?" she saw her rush past after a hooded pony starting to hop along "Oooo are we playing tag? Are you it who is that are you chasing I never met him before I guess we need to throw them a party and."     Applejack looked at Pinkie pie with her emerald eyes "Not now Pinkie Pie that there is a thief who stole some of my apples."

As the hooded figure continued to run through the town he looked behind him seeing another pony was after him as well...not paying attention to where he was going he turned to run into a purple colored unicorn, laying atop the other a bit "Oof what was that?" she said looking at the hooded pony that ran into her, the other began to get up giving the glimpse of a something purple that almost looked like fire "Hey wait get...." it was too late he was running off once more as Apple Jack ran by as Pinkie Pie stopped "Twilight are you ok?"

Twightly looked at Pinkie tilting her head a bit "What is going on and why is every pony running around?"    Pinkie took in a deep breathe "Well Apple Jack is chasing after that hooded pony cause apparently he stole apples from her orchard and I was walking through town when I saw it I thought they were playing tag or something I just love games, realizing as well I never meet that new pony so followed after Applejack, then she told  me about why she was chasing that pony and I thought they were playing tag and wanted to throw that new pony a party to welcome them to Ponyville, then he ran into you."    Twilight stood there before running after Applejack "Come on Pinkie let's get to the bottom of this." running around a few of the buildings  as the hooded figure was in sight now once again

Passing by a few of the other ponies the figure was on his way out of town before he saw a female pegasus pony walking into town let out a small squeak of fright. Twilight grumbled some "That's it I'm stopping this right now." her unicorn lit up as the hooded figure stopped in his tracks floating up in the air now...a crowd of ponies started to gather around as the hooded pony was brought down as he was the hood came back revealing what he was trying to hide...a dark purple flame mane upon a light brown male pony a few ponies gasped as other screamed in fright from the sight of a pony with fire for a mane...the male pony now having the hood removed looked very scared, eyes getting wide looking at the other ponies....breathing in and out fast as they stared unable to move

Twilight was amazed to see the fire on the mane before realizing that the pony was very uncomfortable, seeming to have a little freakout "Ok I think that's enough." she used her magic to teleport her, the new pony, AJ, and Pinkie Pie to her treehouse.

[more to come...did this at 4 in the morning so forgive if it sounds weird XD give input]