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Simply the liger...

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Oh, I write about myself so often it seems, that it gets a bit tedious at times. It kinda sucks to get around so much. Heheh...
As for me...

name: Benjamin Eren Robinson
species: anthropomorphic liger
web site:,, and
e-mail: and
ICQ #: 447123
AIM: Sudberian Liger
Yahoo!: stripeymaney
Google: mishibizhii
location: Coniston (near to Sudbury), Ontario, Canada

I've done the art thing, the web design thing (still do)... Am into painting, drawing, graphic design, and so on.
I've got years and years of experience as a MUCK administrator (yeah, that's a WIZard, of course) and been running since it's founding in 2000... with some projects that precede it, like the Canadian furry web ring, FurryIM, and so on. I helped run the first four Feral!s. I've done a little bit of everything in this fandom... even done a smidgen of costuming, which was mostly some body painting and whatnot.
Ummm... As for personal details, I'm polyamorous, heterosexual, mildly kinky, and a fairly outgoing person.
So yeah... That's me in a quickie train wreck profile!
Any questions... Fire away!

Kewl! No responses!
I rock...
Benjamin goes back into stealth mode...

no one knows who you are Ben, youre here pretty much in name only..too much stealth mode, dude.

I've seen you once or twice in the forums ^^

Yea but not recently I guess.

*pokes the liger*

Why a liger?


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