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*opens my eyes as I wake from a dream*

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Hello all,
 So it turns out watchers can make themselves one of these threads, leave it to the sleeping fox to find that out long after he became a watcher, but I digress. I believe I'm the most recent watcher to furtopia, although not recently made one x3
I do mostly that though, watch over the forum, checking in and out of threads, answering polls, and posting occasionally, but I guarantee you, I will see you
 _      _
(o) . (o)

 So a bit about myself, I'm an arctic fox, be it anthro or feral, and I'm the sleepy master of dreams, and builder of prosthetic tails for those furies unfortunate enough to lose their's somehow. I've also lived all over the east coast and midwest, but recently moved to Alaska for college(love it up here btw ^.^ nothing like -40 to wake you up in the morning, or instantly put you to sleep ._.)

So, whats up guys : 3

*hides in snow*

Can you see me now? =P

*sees the snow mound*

I see where you are o.o

and that's good enough >: 3

*Hides in his admin office* Oh! =D

Can you see me..NOW!?

Where in the Midwest have you lived :o?


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