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Iara Warriorfeather:
Some of my anthro and animal drawings, a la deviantART (my name there is ChocolateStarfire):

I have some questions for you all...

(1) Do you like my art? What can I improve on?
(2) Should I charge for commissions? Would you be interested in a piece if I did?
(3) What animal would you like to see me draw (more of a challenge I suppose!)?

Enjoy! Thanks for looking!  (:

Those are all so pretty xD! i do like these. I'm already 'watching' you on DA so, yeah n.n I dunno above improvment :o!
Maybe you can draw a few Cheetahs for Dec. 4th ^^? You already draw nice cats. It wont be a challenge too much though lol...because yeah o-o

Old Rabbit:
Your doing a nice job as is. So my suggestion is to keep drawing, and draw to
please your eye. You will gain a following of those who like your style.

I would say others will let you know when you ready for commissions. When
your art is liked well enough people will ask you.   I rarely ever commission anyone
to do a drawing for me, so I am not a good judge on that.

A character.. Heh.. Rabbits rabbits rabbits. :orbunny:

Just keep drawing a variety of characters. That's the best way
to gain experience.  Keep up the good work.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:

Iara Warriorfeather:
Thanks Saiyu and Old Rabbit!  :D

Saiyu-I will totally draw a cheetah for the Dec. 4th contest/awareness day.  :D

Old Rabbit-Thanks for the suggestions! I haven't drawn a rodent in ages, so a rabbit would be a great start (and they are so cute!). Good point about the commissions, too. I am a little antsy when it comes to waiting I guess.  :P  (:

Nicely done on all of them, to improve just calls for more practice and experimentation. For other animals maybe you can write down a bunch on pieces of paper, mix them up, and choose randomly (:.

Also what materials did you use for the wolf? My first guess would be pastels but I'm not sure.


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