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Windows 10 Restarting Issue


Having some difficulty figuring out a current issue that has recently affected my Windows 10 laptop. After the rather large update  a week or 2 ago my laptop has started to restart when the "turn off display" option is triggered.

For example while it's using the battery I'd have it set to Turn off the display after 5min but, once that 5min mark is reached, instead of just turning off the display it restarts.

A friend and I have already tried searching google and messing with some settings but have been unable to find anything to fix this. So the only way I can stop the restart is to set the Turn off display timer to never.
Anyone here have any ideas why this is happening and how to fix?

Old Rabbit:
I don't have any personal experience with your problem, but here is a
link that might help.  It's  to the Microsoft community .

Thanks for the link Old Rabbit, I found a thread that seems to be about a very similar issue but it still hasn't been resolved. I'll be keeping an eye on it though.

That is indeed an odd problem that I have not encountered before. I checked the power options for windows 10 and I can't really see any reason the laptop would restart instead of turning off the display.


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