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Win10 Anniversary update?

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Yesterday around 12 noon, my comp started to automatically get Win 10 updates. Fine. I left my computer on and let it do it's job while I did other things.
Now here it is practically 24 hours later and my comp is STILL getting updates?! What the hell?!  :o Only thing I can think of is that it must be that Win10 Anniversary update or whatever. But for 24 hours? I'm only at 85% right now. I probably won't get it finished till maybe 3pm.

Just what the damn hell is this anniversary update supposed to be about anyway? Why is it so big? And why does it take so long? I'm getting so frustrated about getting this update that I'm about to say SCREW IT!  >:(

This is what my comp says: "Feature update to Windows 10, Version 1607"

Not had anything like that large an update here. Probably an issue on your end making it take so long.

Ok, so I finally have Win10 anniversary update downloaded on my comp, but haven't installed it yet. I've heard there's been a lot of bugs with this version and that certain functions or whole computers can "freeze up".
Has this happened to anybody else?

Nope. No issues since installing 10 for me.

Old Rabbit:
I can't say I have had any problems with the update. It does seem to take a bit longer to
boot up, but that may have been due to some changes of how win 10 loads. Otherwise
it works fine so far.


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