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is there anyway to make "spoiler" boxes in a text document?


i have a bunch of random text information with dates that i am trying to organize into a file but when adding all the stuff it just creates a large mess. i am wondering if anyone knows of any way to have something like a show/hide tab (spoiler box) that can be stored on my computer (i want to avoid having to open up multiple text documents and flooding my screen with windows)

for example have a document called:

Spoiler: show
random information from this date

Spoiler: showrandom information at this time
Spoiler: showrandom information at this time

if anyone has any idea as to how i could do something like that on my computer it would be greatly appreciated.

Easiest method would probably be to use Microsoft word 2013, as it is able to expand/collapse text under headings.

Another method could be to set up a simple html file with show/hide buttons, you would just need to open it up in a web browser.

Not sure about this 3rd option, but there is a sort of document creation programming language called LaTex (pronounced la tech) that might be useful. However, like I said before not sure if it has what your looking for as I've not used it much.

By far the easiest method (if you're dealing with plain text files) is to just use actual tags in any text editor that supports code folding. I recommend Notepad++.


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