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Can't view/save pics?

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Is something going on with Google and/or Firefox?

Let me explain: From time to time, I'll browse the Net looking at various pics to use for reference for the model kits I build. Sometimes, I may need to save that pic to my computer for future reference such as for marking and painting identification.

Has Google and/or Firefox done anything recently to prevent people from saving images to their computers? I usually right click, then select "Save Image as".

I've tried a few tests tonight on random miscellaneous stuff and I cannot save anything to my comp.

i have noticed some stuff like that but on google/bing it seems to work fine (i only notice these issues on facebook, flickr, and a few other sites)

might have something to do with the picture acting as a hyperlink or something on certain sites?

if you try clicking and dragging the image onto your desktop and it creates a link/short cut to a webpage it might be the reason i just explained above.

well i just figured out a way you might be able to grab the image if you are using firefox. right click on the image/post then click inspect element. should pop up a random thing filled with code but there are a few things underlined just hover over those until it makes an image preview pop up. if that happens just right click on that link and select open in new tab, then you should be able to save it. i just figured this out like a minute ago so im not too sure if it will work for what you are trying but it might.

I'll try to explain the following as best I can. ;)

For example, if I were to do a Google image search for an apple (fruit), sometimes I can right click on that pic and click "Save Image as" to my comp.
But if I were to come back 3 minutes later to the same pic and try clicking on it again, nothing happens. If I right click and select "View Image info.", what I get is a bunch of image links that start out with the word "encrypted".  :o

think it might have something to do with the website that is hosting the image in that case, likely something about copy rights or what ever..

well anyway the inspect element thing should work as a work around when ever it does something like that. though there is always the quicker method of using the snipping tool built into windows. as for the actual cause the first sentience in this post would be my best guess.

I don't think it's the website itself that hosts the image, Greywolf. I suspect Google or somebody else may have done something to block people from downloading images.

Or worse yet, Trump may have gotten his grubby paws on the FCC and/or Net and been up to no good.  >:(


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