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What is reasonable when asking for a commission?

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Look at exactly what you want as far as depth and detail go. If you want lifelike it will cost you a lot more obviously. However their are ways to save a little money depending on the artist. Look for an artist's work and choose a style (as stated above). You can even offer it out on a site like freelancer and have people bid for your work. I have done so myself in the past for voice acting and a few commissions. When it comes down to it what is the commission worth to you and is it worth the same to the artist.

Another note to take into consideration with commissions to is your country's Copyright policy. Some laws allow a Copyright to a character unless predetermined in a written agreement between yourself and the artist that you retain Copyright for your own work.

Hope this is of some use to you, I know the topic is a little out of date.

Bartering with artists is generally considered bad form.  They charge what they think their time is worth and almost all have price sheets.  It's more up to you to find an artist who has prices you can afford and also a style you like.  :3


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