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Ubuntu WiFi on Macbook


Varg the wanderer:
I found myself with another old macbook on my hands recently, and since I hate El Capitan (Latest OS the thing can handle from Apple) I installed Ubuntu. I'm still getting used to it, but I am having trouble getting the wifi to work. It's like it (wifi) won't even turn on. Any ideas?

I've had this problem before, I think it has to do with a certain package, but I can't remember its name.

You'll just have yo use LAN over WiFi for now.

You need to install the firmware microcode for your wireless card. Apple AirPort uses the Broadcom 43xx chipset (I think), so you want the firmware-b43-installer package.

Varg the wanderer:
Thank-you! I currently cannot use an Ethernet connection (I use my phone for internet), but when I get somewhere I can I'll give it a go. Thank you so much!


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