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--- Quote from: Jade Sinapu on January 26, 2021, 01:36:43 pm ---After talking with a co worker,  he believes with enough thought or possibly even with divine intervention,  nothing is impossible,  and even limits of body are no obstacle.

I was of opinion that if body fails,  some things are impossible,  that we all have limits.


--- End quote ---
I needs some  more inform  I am keying on "thought or possibly even with divine intervention,  nothing is impossible," Is the person a Pentecostal  or Charismatic Christian?
 These some real bad and destructive doctrine one call the Health and wealth Gospel or doctrine  of glory. They will say  reality can be control by words. If you decree and declare one can bring  health and success. If one has not  been successful  it because of negative thoughts,  lack of faith or one did not make a faith offering to the televangelist.

Jade Sinapu:
So I did not forget this thread.
I let ideas trickle in.

My coworker was trying to be helpful and generally he is.  And he is nice, so I knew he mean't to do well .  And in the end of the day I was better off than I had started.
But I did think of this...

If eyes don't work, computer can help some, or a person can help the one who is blind.
If spine is severed, machines can do things like move  you around, and so can helpers. 
If brain is damaged , who can help you?  Brain can help its self a bit over time.  But some brain damages can not be fixed (as far as I know).
If attitude is damaged, a person could have completely okay body, and not move / act and therefore can be almost like paralyzed by fear or depression etc.

I guess I have seen enough people in rest-homes and hospitals, who undoubtedly wanted to do more, and couldn't , and it wasn't because they didn't pray hard enough.
But if you have no hope, healing is slower or not at all.  So prayer can help some keep hope alive.

 I watched my dog Heidi die, and all I did was pray each day all day for her to get better.  Yet she still couldn't.  And I believe she wanted to live.
So why didn't it all work?  That is my beef with that line of thought is,  " I tried that, didn't work".  And also, any responses to my post here are totally subjective.  Unlike science facts.  And it was science in the end that explained why my dog Heidi died and why nothing was going to help her get better.  So her body was the limit.

To think our brain is limited by the hardware it is in, is a neat idea.  I do wonder how we make a framework that surpasses our own brain in all ways, since it was the brain that constructed all the things that would make the new brain be better than the old.  It is a conundrum to be sure.

And Acton, I do not know of my co-workers particular denomination.  I never asked.  But I hope he doesn't think ALL of reality can be overcome with just words alone.  That would be magic and too easy.  However, thinking positive thoughts is helpful to  a person during a hard task.

And yet , still somehow, I remember a few strange and seemingly inexplicable things that has happened to me over the years that makes me want to believe in more than just science. 


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