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Sea bound souls (Pirate RP) (IC)

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Jacoby Quinn:
Some of you may remember more clearly, but those of you who don't, you get a rude awakening as a wave washes over the deck of The shameful hanged. Your last memory was that of a smoky tavern, and a lot of drinks. And a call for a crew that you signed.
It's not a ship you've heard much about if you've heard about it at all, not out of mystery, but rather a lack of importance. Either way though, you look to be far out into open water, and you aren't THAT good at swimming, so for the time you're stuck here. It's not so bad. The sun is warm, the waves are calm, and a good wind fills the sails. One of the crewmates is going around waking people up, he's an otter, fairly large, but his muscles ripple from his long life aboard the ship. "Oy, yer, already awake? Well, get up, yer not gettin paid t' be a barnacle"

Jager, you've been ordered to pilot the ship until the navigator is awake and ready, then leave it off to another crew member while the two of you meet up with the captain.

Shift, you've been ordered to report to the first mate...whoever that might be.

Foxy, you've been ordered to report to the ship's carpenter and get underway with whatever he tasks you with for the time being, until the navigator summons you.

Jack dawson, you've been ordered to find the gunner and assist him.

Gorrum, you've been ordered down to the galley, where the cabin boy will assist you in familiarizing yourself with the galley and help get dinner started.

All of you have been ordered to NEVER disturb the captain, unless you have orders to do so, or are the first mate.

Shift lets out a grunt and tilts his head to the side, letting out a sigh as his neck cracks as he looks around the open layout of the ship. Noting as all the other new crew members get around to what they are supposed to, he steps away from the railing and looks around "seeing as they were already at see, and the captain had orders out to not be disturbed, i am going to assume the first mate is handling the ship" he thinks to himself. with a nod he steps forward and walks along the length of the boat to the helm of the ship.

Jager's unwavering, unsettling red gaze calmly moved over the ship as the crew as they stirred to life and began on their tasks, finally settling on Shift as he approached. "The captain is waiting to speak with us." He said in a voice like silk, well spoken for a pirate. He motioned Timothy over with one hand. "you, hold the helm steady until we return. If we go off course at all, I'll personally see to your punishment."

Jacoby Quinn:
Timothy squeaked in surprise, almost dropping the sack of potatoes he was struggling to drag across the deck "S-sir, I've already been ordered t' elp th cook" he looked nervous about questioning the order.
(as a side note, all the characters named in the OOC aren't the only crew on the ship, you can order an unimportant unnamed character to fill your post)

"Be on your way, then. Quickly." Jager said with a chuckle, waving dismissively in Timothy's direction, and waving another crew member over. "you. Did you hear what I told him?"


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