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"Gwynn Varnym you two are with me, we've got ten minutes to spare max so we'll stop by the mess hall and then gear up since we were needed on the ground yesterday." Jorgun made a sharp right turn as he hurried out of the briefing room towards the canteen. "Did you hear Private Morris, they've got a five meat lasagna there today. I'll try and leave you some." Jorgun let out a laugh as he clapped Morris on the shoulders before accelerating his gait.

Jacoby Quinn:
"Oh, lasagna...hooray, i'll try not to seem too enthused" The sarcasm practically dripped off of her words as she spoke. She, being a rabbit, was largely vegetarian. She power walked to the cafeteria, behind Jorgun, not wanting to miss the tim it'd take her to prepare a salad.

"could be worse..." Gwynn said, walking beside Varnym. "it could be meatloaf... or whatever tgat crap is they call meatloaf..." she wasnt vegetarian, but rather omnivorous, and quickly got in line for the lasagna.

"Could be worse Varnym, we could be having rabbit stew." Jorgun shot Varnym a smug grin before quickly turning back to the food line ready to pile his plate full of lasagna. After getting what seemed like an egregious amount of lasagna and smothering it in gravy he found an empty table and waved both subordinates over.

Jacoby Quinn:
she shoots him a dirty glare as she delicately prepares her salad from the salad bar. She sits down and eats delicately, but quickly...very quickly. She's actually done with her salad before Jorgun is done with his plate of "Slop"  as she calls it between bites.


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