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Shattered Earth (IC)

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Jacoby Quinn:
"Sally's not quite a hunk of scrap...hell she's probably the nicer birds you'll fly in, fitting for a hearse" She looks up at Jorgun, his laugh seemed disingenuous "How do we even know this thing'll kill everyone if they've never made it to full scale?"

"A flying hearse. HA! Didja hear that Morris, she called Sally a flying hearse, probably the nicest thing anybody has said about her." Jorgun shot Varnym a sideways glance as she asked about the Fold Weapon. "Well..." Jorgun cleared his throat as he climbed aboard Sally and did a quick check making sure all the gear was stored, before strapping himself in his seat. "...We did make it full scale. The 'personal' Fold Cannons that were issued to the Experimental Divisions were just testers to find optimal energy usage. Once we found that out it was just a matter of building and testing it out in unoccupied space. The fact that it was originally headed here means it was ready for combat application."


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