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Li ion batteries and age


Varg the wanderer:
How long can I ride this puppy before it dives into the dirt?

I have an old Macbook (2009) that I currently use. The batteries, according to Apple, are good for 300 cycles. I am currently sitting at 270 something and have noticed a minor decrease in battery performance, but my computer hasn't thrown any warnings yet. I know these batteries have a margin of safety (brother has 2010 or 2011 model, rated for 1k cycles and has 2k+ on his), but mine aren't made anymore (and I tried 3rd party- never again) and so everything on the market is pushing 10 years old.

Do these batteries age with time?

In other words, is that margin of safety still there? I've already had two batteries go out on me, one of them scorching the desk and making the plastic brittle. I know I can get a replacement battery, but they are becoming hard to find and still face the aging problem. Eventually I plan on making this thing an off-line desktop (It still has programs I like that aren't available anymore) but I still need a mobile computer for school and it's either this thing or I'll have to buy a replacement. If I can limp it to the end of the semester then great, but the faster the battery drains the faster cycles are added. I've already put a fair number on it since the start of the school year, so I'm confident that I'll break the 300 count before the end of the semester. If it looks like I can push it past then, riding on that safety margin then great. If not I'd like to start looking for a replacement now and not when I have a charred lumpy thing in my backpack and a lab write-up due.


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